John Beckett – SEED Australia

Professor Ann Brewer – University of Newcastle, Sydney Campus.

Dr Greg Clarke – Bible Society Australia

Dr Tony Golsby-Smith – Second Road Consulting

Dr Kim Hawtrey – BIS Shrapnel

Peter Kaldor – City Bible Forum

Claire Madden – Hello Clarity

Peter Murphy – Christian Super

Professor Marcus O’Connor – University of Sydney Business School

Clive Rodger – Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, Canberra

Trevor Thomas – Ethinvest

Wendy Simpson  – Wengeo Pty Ltd

Peter Stone – Arrow Leadership

Susan King – Manager Research and Advocacy,  Anglicare

Kara Martin – Anglican Deaconess Ministries and SEED

Professor David Gallagher – MGSM Sydney


Dr Lindsay McMillan – Reventure

Professor Ian Harper – Deloitte Access Economics

Mathew Maury – TEAR Australia

Stephen Meredith – ACS Financial Services

Dr Mulyadi Robin – Monash University


Professor Ann Brewer – University of Newcastle, Sydney Campus.

John Collier – Countplus Limited

Bill Rusin – Covenant Christian School, Sydney

Dr Geoff Beech – National Institute for Christian Education

Di McRae – Miracle Education

Bruce Nevill – Penrith Christian School

Helen Blanch – Toongabbie Christian School