Principal’s Welcome

Principal Stephen Fogarty

The Christian faith at its best is a powerful force for the positive transformation of society. The core Christian values of faith, hope, and love provide the basis for community that enhances the well being of all people.

At Alphacrucis we seek to connect Christian faith and its core values to education and training. We believe that the educational experience should produce more than knowledge. We want to see our students equipped, inspired and transformed - prepared to live extraordinary lives.

Our College commenced operation as Commonwealth Bible College in 1948. Since that time we have seen thousands of our graduates achieve extraordinary accomplishments.

As the College moved into the 21st century it gradually started to evolve into an international Christian provider of tertiary education across a broader range of disciplines. This is a response to the times in which we live. We see the need to take on broader concern for the community, social justice and the environment. We are committed to the centrality of Christ as the essential foundation for training and education for all vocations, not only inside but also outside the church.

Our desire is that, together with our students and alumni, we might have a significant impact on the spiritual and intellectual climate of our nations. Alphacrucis should be a catalyst for positive change.

Assoc Prof Stephen Fogarty
Principal and CEO

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