Academic Services

Graduate of Alphacrucis College

The following services are available to you to assist you in your academic studies at AC.


For all the subjects we have on offer we have student handbooks which will orientate you with all the relevant information about the course you are enrolled in.

Orientation & Induction

No matter what location you are studying at we have appropriate orientation and induction programs.

Orientation is related to the campus or study location you are at and involves campus tours of the facilities, WHS regulations, emergency evacuation procedures, First Aid facilities and other relevant information you will require to study on that particular campus.

Induction relates to all of the services we offer to you as a student. The induction program is offered online to all AC students. These are accessible via the website and the format is a series of videos. The induction program also includes a series of study skills videos to assist you in your academic study. At the completion of the induction program you are required to complete a survey and post to the Director of Student Services.


AC uses the eLearning platform Moodle for all online course content. As an online student you will be given access to video and written content. AC is dedicated to providing innovative services for online students. Online students have access to interactive forums with lecturers and students, as well as videos and course content that are available exclusively to online students.

AC Library

The James Wallace Memorial Library exists to provide staff and students of AC with all the information resources they need for their teaching, study and personal pursuits. We offer books, videos and DVD’s to loan and a wide range of electronic journals.

Fees and FEE-HELP Information

FEE-HELP information is available to help you understand the fee structure for each course/subject. It is advisable for you to check these fees to ensure they are current. At the time this was posted the fees were current however changes may have occurred.

Academic Timetables

To find out the availability of the subjects you are interested in, email AC Central Reception or call 1300 AC TELL (1300 228 355).


Graduation is a celebration of academic achievement and every student has the opportunity to celebrate with their peers at the completion of their course, whether they be face–to–face or online. Our Graduation ceremonies are always inspiring as we celebrate and commission students to change the world. You can tell an AC graduate; they are informed, passionate and ready to make their mark in history. For further information click on the link.

All graduates must complete this graduation application form to be able to receive the appropriate certificate of graduation.

Policies to Protect Students

AC is committed to ensuring that all students have a safe, fair and positive experience with AC. Policies and Procedures exist to protect students and staff.

Quick links to policies:

Student Grievance Policy– Non-Academic Grievances

Harassment, Bullying, and Unlawful Discrimination Policy

Sexual Harassment Policy

Student Conduct Policy


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