10706NAT Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision (Clinical) (Pastoral)

This postgraduate level course gives counsellors, chaplains and ministry workers the opportunity to study the theory and practice of professional supervision in settings relevant to their role and occupation.

Course Description

Alphacrucis College is pleased to host St Marks National Theological Centre in the delivery of this course. St Marks RTO provides nationally recognised training in Professional Supervision. Using inductive teaching methods, each teaching session will comprise theory and practise sessions on a variety of supervision theories and methods, along with consideration of topics essential for supervisors e.g. legal and ethical responsibilities.

The clinical stream is designed for experienced counselling clinicians who wish to develop their supervision ability and practice.

The pastoral stream is for experienced pastors, chaplains and ministry workers who are supervising pastors, chaplains and church workers in pastoral settings, and enables the integration of supervision theory and practice within a theological framework.


Course Structure

This course comprises 6 units of competency to be completed over 1 year and consists of:

  • 4 core units
  • 2 elective units (clinical stream) 2 elective units (pastoral stream)

To be awarded the Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision, students must show competency in 4 core and 2 elective units.

For more information see the Student Handbook.



SUPEMS001 - Establish and manage the supervision relationship

SUPPPS002 - Provide professional supervision

CHCGRP004 - Deliver structured programs

PSPGEN035 - Provide workplace mentoring

Elective 2 units (CHOOSE 1 STREAM)

Pastoral Stream:

DEFCHP002 - Provide ethical and pastoral advice

CHCPRP006 - Lead own professional development

Clinical Stream:

CHCLEG001 - Work legally and ethically

CHCPRP007 - Work within a clinical supervision framework

For more details on which subjects you can choose, see the current enrolment guide for this course.

Admission Criteria

Essential Requirements for Admission:

All applicants must have a minimum five years of experience in their relevant field. Refer to the St Marks website for full details.

Study Modes

Delivery Mode: Blended, Intensive, Online*
Locations: Sydney, Melbourne
Duration: One year
Intakes: Semester 1

* The course will be run in 8 x 6 hr face-to-face teaching sessions spread over one year, with the remaining work to be completed online.

Fees & Timetable

Visit the St Marks website for Timetables, Fees and Payment Options for St Mark's Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision (Clinical) (Pastoral). 

Course Learning Outcomes

For information on Course Learning Outcomes, contact St Mark's Theological Centre.

Career Opportunities

This course is intended to train people to work as:

  • Clinical supervisors of counsellors, therapists, social workers, youth and community workers
  • Pastoral supervisors of clergy, church workers and pastoral carers
  • Supervisors of pastoral care workers in hospitals and aged care facilities
  • Supervisors of students in training

This course will also allow for:

  • Supervisors to upgrade their skills and knowledge
  • Individuals to qualify for membership of professional supervision associations

Student Services

For more information on the suite of student support services available, please see our Student Services section.

Course Codes

Course Code:  10706NAT     RTO National code: 90525    Legal name: Alphacrucis College Limited

Professional Accreditation

This course is a Recognised Supervisor Training program by the Australasian Association of Supervision.