10348NAT Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision (Clinical)(Pastoral)

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Alphacrucis College is pleased to host St Marks National Theological Centre in the delivery of:

Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision (Clinical) (Pastoral) 10348NAT

St Marks RTO provides nationally recognised training in Professional Supervision accredited with the Australian Qualifications Framework.  This course is also a Recognised Supervisor Training program by the Australasian Association of Supervision

This post-graduate level course gives counsellors, chaplains and ministry workers the opportunity to study the theory and practice of professional supervision in settings relevant to their role and occupation.

The clinical stream is designed for experienced counselling clinicians who wish to develop their supervision abilities and practice, and meets the PACFA 2012 standards for supervision training.

The pastoral stream is for experienced pastors, chaplains and ministry workers who are supervising pastors, chaplains and church workers in pastoral settings, and enables the integration of supervision theory and practice within a theological framework.

The course will be run in 8 x 6 hr teaching sessions spread over one year. Using inductive teaching methods, each teaching session will comprise theory and practise sessions on a variety of supervision theories and methods, along with consideration of topics essential for supervisors e.g. legal and ethical responsibilities. Personal home study will supplement the teaching sessions.

Students are required to work with one external supervisee for at least 6 supervision sessions during the course.

Delivery Mode: Mixed Mode – online and classroom

Commencing: March 2018

Delivery: 4 x 2 Day Intensives Monday/Tuesday

Dates for Intensives:

Alphacrucis College
30 Cowper St, Parramatta

Intensive 1&2     12-13 March 2018
Intensive 3&4     7-8 May 2018
Intensive 5&6     6-7 August 2018
Intensive 7&8     22 - 23 October 2018


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