Program – HETSA Conference, 2015*

[* Last Updated: 16th July 2015 ]
Late Addition:    Mike Beggs: “Liquidity’s Other Career” Abstract (pdf)

Location: Alphacrucis College, 30 Cowper St, Parramatta NSW ( 02 8893 9000 )

Sunday, 12th July

Registration & Drinks Reception – from 4pm at Alphacrucis College Groundfloor Foyer

Monday, 13th July

8.00am - Registration
8.30am Welcome from Paul Oslington (Alphacrucis College) and Alex Millmow (HETSA President)

9-10.30am Paper Session 1, Chair: Paul Oslington

[ Each 15mins + 6 mins discussion ]
A   Jeffrey Young: “The Role of Conventions in Hume, Smith & Keynes” Abstract (pdf)
B   Andreas Ortmann: “The Rhetorical Structure of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations (and the importance of acknowledging it)” Paper (pdf)
C   Brendan Long: “The two senses of the Invisible Hand in Adam Smith” Abstract (pdf)
D   Elena Douglas - “Richard Whately as populariser of classical political economy: an optimist for the ‘dismal’ science.” - Abstract (pdf)

[ Morning Break ]

11am-12.30pm Paper Session 2, Chair: Rod O’Donnell

A   Susan Schroeder: “The Concept of Value and Its Relationship to Policy” Abstract (pdf)
B   John King: “Katona And Keynes” Paper (pdf)
C   Matthew Smith: “On Rostow’s ‘Stages’ Thesis and Explanation of ‘Take-Off’ Growth” Abstract (pdf) and Paper (pdf)
D   James Juniper - “Initial and Final Finance”

[ 12.30-1.30pm, Lunch including HETSA AGM]

1.30-3pm Paper Session 3, Chair: Matthew Smith

A   Alex Millmow - “A.W.H. Phillips and Australia” Paper (pdf)
B   Mike Beggs- “Liquidity’s second career” Abstract (pdf)
C   Riko Stevens - “Early Development Of Economic Thought on Speculation: Contributions of Alfred Marshall and Arthur T. Hadley” Paper (pdf)
D   John Nevile – “The Full Employment White Paper 70 Years On” Abstract (pdf)

[ Afternoon Break ]

3.30-4.15pm Special Session

Chair: Paul Oslington
   John Lodewijks “Futures for Economics in Australia”
   Stephen Meardon “History of Economics Societies & Literature Internationally”

4.30-6pm Panel on the Future of History of Economics in Australia

Chair: Paul Oslington
    Margaret Schabas, John Vint, Michael McLure, John Lodewijks, Alex Millmow

6-6.40pm HER Editorial Board Meeting

7pm Conference Dinner. Peroni Italian Restaurant. (02 9633 2889)

  • Corner of Ada St and Station St, Parramatta.
  • This is approximately 300m from Alphacrucis College
  • including, HETSA Prizes and Reflections on the early history of HETSA (Groenewegen King Harcourt)

Tuesday, 14th July

9-10.30am, Margaret Schabas Keynote: “Hume’s Science of Commerce” Abstract (pdf)

[ Morning Break ]

11am-12.30pm Paper Session 4, Chair: Michael McLure

A   Jeremy Shearmur – “No ‘thought collective’: Some Historical Remarks on The Mont Pelerin Society” Abstract (pdf), Paper (pdf)
B   Shigeki Tomo - “Economics as a silencer in Hayek’s Initiation” Paper (pdf)
C   Yasuhisa Hirakata – “Education Reform under the Thatcher Government and Hayek’s Thought on Welfare State: Market Mechanism and Managed Competition” Paper (pdf)
D   John Vint - “Harriet Martineau and Industrial Strife: from Theory into Fiction into Melodrama” Paper (pdf)

[ 12.30-1.30pm, Lunch ]

1.30-3pm Paper Session 5, Chair: Craig Freedman

A   Stephen Meardon - “The Problem of ‘Dumping’ in U.S. Economic Thought and Inter-War Bureaucracy” Abstract (pdf)
B   Michael McLure - “Was there a ‘Pigou-McKenna School’ on Britain’s Return to the Gold Standard? ” Paper (pdf)
C   Rod O’Donnell - “Why the Eton Period is Important in Understanding Keynes” Abstract (pdf)
D   William Coleman – “Political Economy and Proportional Representation” Abstract (pdf)

[ Afternoon Break ]

3.30-5pm Paper Session 6, Chair: John Lodewijks

A   Geoff Harcourt “Capital in the Twenty-First Century.” Abstract (pdf), Paper (pdf)
B    Claire Wright – “Utilizing Network Analysis To Examine Australia’s Economic History Discipline: Contributions of an Interdisciplinary Approach” Paper (pdf)
C    Edward Mariyani-Squire - “The Initial Reactions to ‘Milton Friedman’s Methodology of Positive Economics’” Abstract (pdf)
D   Craig Freedman – “A Tale of Two Cities: A Priori Assumptions and A Priori Conclusions” Abstract (pdf)

[ Closing Drinks ]

Programs for previous HETSA conferences in Auckland 2014 and Fremantle 2013.

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