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Andrea Tokaji
AC Sessional Lecturer


Andrea is currently undertaking her PhD at Notre Dame University on Slavery/Trafficking from a legal/policy human rights perspective. After completing her studies in Theology and Counselling, Andrea ran for parliament and found a pasison for the law. She completed her Juris Doctor at the University of Canberra and her LLM at the Australian National University with a focus on international human rights advocacy. 

Andrea has delivered education and training to NGO's, law enforcment, vulnerable victims in rurual remote areas and in community settings on mental health, human rights, trafficking/slavery and other legal matters since 2006 in national and international contexts. 

Having legal experience in policy legislation for Australia’s Government, as a Human Rights and Business Consultant, Andrea has business experience in Procurement, in setting up and running an anti-trafficking NFP, management experience in the social services sector as a therapist and Chaplain, in Churches, in international and local missions, in politics as a lobbyist advocate and in humanitarian work for the UN.

As a former refugee child, Andrea has combined her skills as a qualified therapist, a human rights lawyer, a political strategist and an academic as an anti-trafficking and human rights thought leader.

Andrea founded the NFP anti-trafficking organisation Fighting for Justice Foundation and had has been a key legal lobbyist in Australia's formation of anti-trafficking/slavery laws since 2012. Andrea is passionate about restorative justice and therapeutic jurisprudence and currently runs a Business and Human Rights Consultancy.

In her spare time, Andrea speaks on human rights matters, takes her dog Milo for long runs, loves to cook and sing and splash around in the ocean as much as possible.

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