Mr David Graieg

Mr David Graieg

Adjunct Lecturer

David Graieg studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Western Australia and Theology at Dallas Theological Seminary. He is currently undertaking a PhD. David has previously taught apologetics in Singapore and worked at City Bible Forum. He runs a Reasonable Faith chapter in Perth. David is married to Grace, and they have three young children.


PhD- Candidate (Murdoch University)
Dissertation Title The implications of memory theory for interpreting Jesus' resurrection 0

M.TH (Dallas Theological Seminary)
Dissertation Title The Resurrection and Western Culture 2012

Research Interests

Jesus' resurrection

Field of Research

  • 2203 Philosophy
  • 2204 Religion and Religious Studies

Journal Article

  • 2018
    • David Graieg (2018). Book Review of Brian Wright, Communal Reading in the Time of Jesus. Journal of Gospels and Acts Research, 2 135–137. | Link to journal | External link
  • 2017
    • David Graieg (2017). Book Review of Bauckham's second edition of Jesus and the Eyewitnesses. Journal of Gospels and Acts Research, 1 88–90. | Link to journal | External link


Academic Conference

  • 2018
    • Does it violate scientific/historical methodology to claim that Jesus rose from the dead? (2018), ISCAST Conference on Science and Christianity, Brisbane, Australia, 01 Mar 2018

Scholarship Publications

Book Review

Professional Memberships

Centre for Gospels and Acts Research (since 2018)

Journal of Gospels and Acts Research (since 2018)

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