Rev. Dr Hyeon Sung (Peter) Bae

Rev. Dr Hyeon Sung (Peter) Bae

Honorary Professor

Peter is a member of the Faculty of Theology at Bethesda University in CA, USA, and specialises in the following areas: Systematic Theology, Pneumatology, Ecclesiology, Eschatology, Soteriology, Pentecostal Theology, and Research. Peter Hyeonsung Bae is currently the senior pastor of Bethesda Church. Also he is a faculty member of Bethesda University in USA. His primary area of expertise is systematic theology, particularly Korean Pentecostal theology and Pentecostal related subjects. His book Meeting with Theology and Chopsticks: Introduction to Full Gospel Theology in Korea (Hansei University Press, 2002) presents “intercultural perspectives” as a new framework with which to understand Asian theology in today's culturally diverse communities. Peter teaches in the areas of systematic theology at Alphacrucis College. 


Ph.D. (University of Birmingham, UK) 1998

M.Th. (Seoul Methodist Theological Seminary) 1992

M.Div. (Hansei University) 1987

Field of Research

  • 2204 Religion and Religious Studies
  • 2299 Other Philosophy and Religious Studies


  • 2002
    • Bae, Hyeon Sung (2002). Introduction to Full Gospel Theology: Meeting with Chopsticks and Theology. Hansei University Press: Kunpo, Korea.

Book Chapter

  • 2005
    • Bae, Hyeon Sung (2005). Full Gospel Theology and a Korean Pentecostal Identity In Allan Anderson and Edmond Tang (Eds), Asian and Pentecostal: The Charismatic Face of Christianity in Asia (pp. 527-550). Regnum Book International: Oxford.
  • 2004
    • Bae, Hyeon Sung (2004). Theology of David Yonggi Cho as a New Theological Paradigm of Korean Theology for the New Century In Hyeon-Sung Bae, William W. Menzies and Wonsuk Ma (Eds.), David Yonggi Cho: A Close Look at His Theology & Ministry (pp. 161-177). APTS Press: Baguio, Philippines/Hansei University Press: Kunpo.

Journal Article

  • 2006
    • Bae, Hyeon Sung (2006). Pentecostal Identity within the Korean Cultural Context Reflecting on Dr. Yonggi Cho’s Theology. Journal of Young San & Pentecostal Theology, 1 68-88.
  • 2005
    • Bae, Hyeon Sung (2005). Understanding Youngsan’s Theological Horizon and Hope. Journal of Young San Theology, 4 115-142.
  • 2000
    • Bae, Hyeon Sung (2000). Full Gospel Theology as a Distinctive Theological Practice for Korean Pentecostal Theology. The Spirit & Church, 2 169-181.
  • 1999
    • Bae, Hyeon Sung (1999). Cho-hwa Theology: A Korean Theological Paradigm for Human Wholeness from the Pneumatological Perspectives. Holy Spirit and Theology, 18 49-77.