Dr Jacqueline Service
PhD , MTh (Distinction) , Grad Dip Legal Practice , LLB (Honours) , B.A.(Intercultural Studies)

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Dr Jacqueline Service
Lecturer in Theology

Jacqueline is a member of the Faculty of Theology and specialises in the following areas: Social Engagement , Theology .


Jacqueline Service is a Lecturer in Theology at Alphacrucis College, Sydney, Australia. She completed her doctoral research on the award of a full scholarship through the Centre for Public and Contextual Theology (PaCT), Charles Sturt University (CSU), Canberra. For her thesis, she received one of the highest academic honours - the Higher Degree by Research University Medal. She is currently a Trustee for the International Anglican Order of the Cross and has been actively involved various Board memberships and church ministries over many years. Alongside these undertakings, she worked as a lawyer in Commercial and Government Legal Practice, and, for over a decade, at the Australian Government’s Agency for International Development (AusAID) managing, reviewing and designing aid programs across the Pacific and South West Asia. During her time with AusAID she worked in Suva as the First Secretary for Development Cooperation, responsible for implementing the Australian Government’s bilateral aid program in Fiji. Her work involved managing key partnerships with the Fiji Government, the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and various United Nations agencies. Jacqueline has a B.A. Intercultural Studies (Missiology); Bachelor of Laws (with Honors); Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice; a Master of Theology (with Distinction), and a PhD specialising in the intersection of trinitarian theology and international aid and development. Dr Service’s most recent publication is entitled, “Divine Self-Enrichment and Human Well-Being: A Systematic Theological Inquiry, with Special Reference to Development and Humanitarian Aid”. She is passionate about bringing the transformative reality of the gospel into practical expression, in particular, building the capacity of women to take up their God-given authority in the Church and broader society for the realisation of the divine good for creation. She is also a parent of three beautiful children and a enjoys a good red, gooey cheeses, hazelnut chocolate, and high-heeled shoes.

Research Interests

Trinitarian Theology; International Aid and Development; Philosophical Theology; Divine Ontology and Human Well-Being.

Academic Qualifications


PhD (Charles Sturt University)
Dissertation Title Divine Self-Enrichment and Human Well-Being: A Systematic Theological Inquiry, with special reference to Development and Humanitarian Aid


MTh (Distinction) (Charles Sturt University)
Dissertation Title A Pneumatic Ethic: Retrieving the Holy Spirit as Foundational for Christian Ethics


Grad Dip Legal Practice (College of Law)


LLB (Honours) (Australian National University)


B.A.(Intercultural Studies) (Tabor College)

Selected Publications

Service, Jacqueline (2019). The Australian Election: A Moment or a Movement?. , . | External link

Service, Jacqueline (2019). Contesting the Dynamics of Secular Development: An Ontology of Trinitarian Well-Being as Rationale for Human Well-Being. Paper presented at the Cosmology and Community: Religion and Sustainable Development, Humboldt University, Berlin, . | External link

Clark, Jacqueline (2018). Pneumatic Ethic: Retrieving the Holy Spirit as Foundational for Christian Ethics. Paper presented at the Holy Spirit and Christian Formation Conference, Regent University, Centre for Renewal Studies, Virginia Beach, USA., .

Clark, Jacqueline (2017). The Holy Spirit and Doxological Development: Putting the ‘Faith’ back into Faith-Based Development organisations”. Paper presented at the Harvest 7th Annual Research Conference, Harvest Bible College, .

Clark, Jacqueline (2016). The Kenotic Path of Glory: Daniel Hardy’s Glory of Divine Well-Being and Sergei Bulgakov’s Trinitarian Kenoticism. Paper presented at the Exploring the Glory of God Conference, St John’s College, University of Durham, UK., .

Clark, Jacqueline (2016). Questioning the Australian Aid Paradigm. Paper presented at the "Strategy not Charity” Aid Seminar, Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, .

Clark, Jacqueline (2015). ‘A Disabled Trinity’: Help or Hindrance to Disability Theology. St Marks Review, July 2015, Issue 23250-64.

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