Dr Jeff Crabtree

Dr Jeff Crabtree

Sessional Lecturer


Doctor of Philosophy (University of Technology Sydney)
Dissertation Title The scope and incidence of toxicity in the contemporary music industry 2020

Master of Arts (Hons) (Music and Cultural Studies) (Macquarie University) 2008

Bachelor of Arts (English Literature) (Macquarie University) 1979

Current Research

Research Interests:

  • Workplace harassment in the contemporary music industries of Australia and New Zealand
  • Well being of musicians, actors, dancers and other creative industries
  • Innovative pedagogy in higher education
  • Creativity and the creative process
  • Trauma in victims of workplace harassment

Scholarship Publications


  • 2011
    • Crabtree, J., and Crabtree, J. (2011). Living With A Creative Mind. Zebra Collective.

Book Chapter

  • 2017
    • Crabtree, J (2017). "Understanding the Creative Artist: exploring protective factors for the highly creative" In Maureen Miner and Martin Dowson, Creativity and Spirituality: A Multi-disciplinary Perspective (pp. 83-100). Information Age Publication.

Professional Memberships

International Association of Workplace Bullying and Harassment (since None)

Sydney Institute of Music and Sound Research (since None)

The International Association for the Study of Popular Music (since None)

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