Associate Professor Jennie Bickmore-Brand

Associate Professor Jennie Bickmore-Brand

Adjunct Associate Professor (Education; Leadership); Sessional lecturer

Jennie specializes in Adult learning, Psychology of Leadership and in Raising Women in Leadership. Jennie is committed to transformational leadership and has led national organizations in Adult Literacy/ Adult Learning provision and research, is Patron of Media Standards Australia, held state representative positions in literacy, mathematics education (SA and WA) and whose professional CV lists international publications and presentations. Her career has largely been in tertiary education in South Australian and Western Australian universities.

Jennie has a passion for education in which she possess her highest qualification and has been privileged to influence pedagogy across all educational institutions including faculties within universities and bible colleges and enjoys the opportunity to work with pastors and Christian leaders on developing and maintaining learning organizations. Jennie’s most recent contribution is the accreditation of a Masters in Teaching (Primary) program which endeavours to fast track Christian teachers into our schools and retrain existing teachers to have confidence in pedagogy which reflects Christian Worldview. Having recently completed four years as Head of Primary at Lake Joondalup Baptist College in the northern suburbs of Perth, and being the Inaugural Principal of Lindisfarne Anglican Parish School in South Australia in the 80’s, Jennie is committed to the missional opportunity that Christian schooling affords, not to mention the need to support parents in their skills of raising the next generation. Jennie developed the Citizens of Tomorrow, Today: Lifelong Learning Program which re-engages youth with the community enabling positive relationships and empowering children, families and communities.

Jennie is also keen to broaden what “school” looks like for the post compulsory sector to value add to their experiences and foster citizens for the 21st century. She was instrumental in the design of the VET Training Package Certificate IV and Diploma in Contemporary Leadership. Jennie has a heart to develop and mentor the next generation of Christian leaders.

Whilst Jennie has worked across all sectors in education and training she has a particular desire to support Christian leaders. Jennie has an Anglican background, has worked for Catholic Education, held a leadership position in a Baptist School, currently works for a Pentecostal institution and is on the Western Australia advisory group for ACL (Australian Christian Lobby). This enables a high degree of sympathy across denominational frameworks and various systems of governance and management. Jennie finds in these times that denominational differences need to take second place to Kingdom building and that is where she believes her calling is.


M.A. (Sydney College of Divinity) 2006

D.Ed. (Edith Cowan University)
Dissertation Title Teachers of mathematics teach differently: a case study of two teachers 1998

M.Ed. (Deakin University)
Dissertation Title What can be learned from recent research in language arts that can be applied to mathematical teaching 1990

B.Ed. (University of South Australia) 1979


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Book Chapter

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Journal Article

  • 2019
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Creative Production or Composition

  • 1998
    • Bickmore-Brand, J. (1998). Students at educational risk in higher education: early identification, and early intervention. Sydney.


Academic Conference

  • 2018
    • Assessment and Marking (2018), AC campuses: Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, 01 Aug 2018

Scholarship Publications

Other Publication

  • 1998
    • Bickmore-Brand, J. (1998). Students at educational risk in higher education: early identification and early intervention.
  • 1988
    • Bickmore-Brand, J. (1988). Teaching langauge arts in the Junior School; The Integrated Day; Programming and Planning for Whole Language Learning.

Professional Memberships

National Council for Adult Education in Language and Literacy Strategy Special Implementation Group (NCAELLS:SIG) (since 1994)

Completed Supervision

  • 2017
    • Pyne, W, Be Brave, Be Kind: Finding the Courageous Heart in a Servant Leader. (Masters Project/Thesis), 2017

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