Professor Mark Hutchinson
GradDipEd , PhD , BA (Hons)

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Professor Mark Hutchinson
Dean of Education, Arts and Social Sciences

Mark is a member of the Faculty of Education, Arts and Social Science and specialises in the following areas: Christian History , Christian Spirituality , Humanities , Research .


Mark is Professor of History and Dean of the Faculty of Education, Arts and Social Sciences. He is an internationally-regarded intellectual historian focusing on the history of higher education, evangelicalism and globalisation, and the history of Pentecostalism. In addition to his work with the Faculty, he has been Director of the Australasian Pentecostal Studies Centre at AC. Before moving to his current position, he was successively founding Director of the Centre for the Study of Australian Christianity (Macquarie University, 1991-1998), University Historian at Macquarie University (1991-1992) and the University of Western Sydney (2011-2012), Senior Lecturer, Macquarie Christian Studies Institute (1999); Dean of Graduate Studies at Alphacrucis College (2000-2010), and lead strategist and Dean of Humanities and Academic Projects at The Scots College (2013-2016).  Internationally, he has been associate director of the Currents in World Christianity project (University of Cambridge), participated in a number of projects relating to global evangelicalism with an international network of leading scholars, and the editor of Volume V of the Oxford History of Protestant Dissenting Traditions (5 vols.). He continues to work on long running projects expanding knowledge about the history of Italian and Australian Pentecostalisms, and on research into teaching and learning in the humanities. With 15 edited and authored books, and over 100 research papers and articles in print, he is one of Australia’s leading historians of religion. Apart from the day-to-day task of helping foster the emergence of a much-needed Australian Christian university, a particular focus is the fostering of a quality, historically-rich and publicly effective Christian thought-life in Australia, something he brings to bear in his writing, speaking, teaching and Ph.D. supervision.


Research Interests

History of Pentecostal and charismatic movements; global evangelical movements; globalization and religion

Academic Qualifications


GradDipEd (University of New South Wales)


PhD (University of New South Wales)
Dissertation Title Such a Contracted Sphere’: Some aspects of the writing of history in NSW, 1788-1900


BA (Hons) (University of New South Wales)

Selected Publications

Hutchinson, M. P.(2018). The Oxford History of Protestant Dissenting Traditions, Vol. V: The Twentieth Century: Themes in a Global Context,. Oxford: Oxford University Press. | External link

Hutchinson, M. P.(2018). Reframing Howard Carter: Alternative ‘Routes’ for the emergence of the Australasian Charismatic Renewal.. Paper presented at the Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements in Oceania Conference, Alphacrucis College and Western Sydney University, .

Hutchinson, M. P.(2018). The Gospel prolonging and declaring itself: Rhetoric and the decline of Preaching as a public act in the 20th Century. Paper presented at the Institute of Historical Research, Seminar on Religious History, School of Advanced Study, University of London,, .

Hutchinson, M. P.(2018). Pleasing thoughts and rational indulgences: Italian Protestants through British Evangelical Historiography, 1800-1850. Paper presented at the Dipartimento della Storia Contemporanea, Università degli Studi di Milano, Milan, Italy, .

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Hutchinson, M. (2017). "Just up the Windsor Road': Social complexity, geographies of emotion and the rise of Hillsong In Riches, T. and Wagner, T. (eds), The Hillsong Movement Examined: "You Call Me Out Upon The Waters" (pp. ). London: Palgrave Macmillan. | External link

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Hutchinson, M. with Stiller, B. Stiller, K. and Johnson, T. (eds.) (2015). Evangelicals around the World: A Global Handbook for the 21st Century. Nashville: Thomas Nelson. [Gold Medal, Illumination Book Awards, USA; first place, WORD Awards, Canada].

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Hutchinson, M. and Treloar G. (1998). This Gospel Shall be Preached: Essays on the Australian Contribution to World Mission. Sydney. | External link

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Hutchinson, M. and Mansfield, B. (1992). Liberality of Opportunity: A History of Macquarie University, 1967-1989. Macquarie University and Hale & Iremonger, Sydney. | External link

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