Dr Patricia Harrison

Dr Patricia Harrison

HDR Supervisor


M.A. (University of Oxford, UK)
Dissertation Title The Use of Aristotle’s Concept of Justice in Thomas Aquinas’ “Treatise on Justice” 1995

M.A.(Divinity) (Fuller Seminary, USA) 1969

PhD (University of Queensland)
Dissertation Title Education for Liberation? An Analysis of Some Recurrent Problems in Third World Protestant Ministerial Formation. 1993

M.A.(Education Studies - TESOL) (University of South Australia) 2000

M.A.(Intercultural Studies) (Fuller Seminary, USA) 2000

MTh (Fuller Seminary, USA) 1973

M.A.(Divinity) (Fuller Seminary, USA) 1969

B.A.(Hons) (University of New England)
Dissertation Title Theodor Fontane als Sozialkritiker. (Theodor Fontane as a Social Critic) 1962

GradDip (Aboriginal Education) (UNE/Armidale College of Advanced Education) 1987

GradDip (Multicultural Education) (UNE/Armidale College of Advanced Education) 1981

DipEd (University of New England) 1965

Cert IV (Training and Assessment) (Tabor College Adelaide) 2015

Current Research

My primary ongoing research interests are main related to Cross-cultural Theological Education and include the following aspects:

- Theological Education by Extension, in which I am recognised as an international consultant

- Aspects of Cross-Cultural Adult Education and their application to Theological Education.

-  Linguistics and Language Teaching, including TESOL and their effects on Theological education. (I completed the course work for an MLitt in Linguistics at University of New England and the equivalent of a Diploma in Linguistics with the Summer Institute of Linguistics taken over three extended programs in Brisbane, the UK and Sydney)

-  Advanced Reading Skills and Theological Education

In addition to the main research for the four dissertations and various articles and papers I have written, I undertook field research over several years on Adult Education in several countries, with an interest in applying findings to theological education.  Results of this research were added to addresses and seminars I presented in various countries, and to my doctoral thesis.

Additional Field Research has included:
- A detailed field study of the acclaimed adult education program in Brazil, including:

- An interview with Paulo Freire (then in exile in Geneva), and in 1977 visits to literacy programs modelled on his work and to other adult education programs in Brazil.

- An interview with a Sao Paulo TV Channel known for its work in adult education,

- An interview with programmers in a Brazilian radio station dedicated to adult education.

- A field study of Communist society, including education in Maoist China, 1975

- An interview with the Curriculum Advisor to the Open University.

- Interviews with members of the US Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Washington, and a study
    of files held there on Catholic adult education

- Interview with a Trade Union Education Officer in Ottawa and a visit to OISE in Toronto.

- I joined a group of American journalists on a visit to Cuba in 1990, to study the political and religious situation there, and to look at education.  Interviews included one with the Castro government’s official representative on religion.

-  I twice stayed for a couple of weeks on the Navaho Reservation in Arizona to study culture, education, and religion. I participated in the school there and wrote a paper comparing aspects of Navaho society with the Aboriginal societies I had worked with in Australia.

Over several years while a student at Fuller Theological Seminary I worked part time as an editor with a research team studying Protestant Church Growth in Latin America.

Book Chapter

  • 2010
    • Harrison, P. (2010). Bridging Theory and Practice In Cook, M., Haskell, R., Julien, R., Tanchanpongs, N.,, Local Theology for the Global Church (pp. ). Pasadena, California, William Carey Library.
  • 1991
    • Harrison, P. (1991). Multiple chapters In , Opting for Change: A Handbook on Evaluation and planning for Theological Education by Extension (pp. ). Geneva: World Council of Churches Program on Theological Education, and Pasadena, California: William Carey Library.
  • 1981
    • Harrison, P. (1981). Theological Education by Extension in the Anglican Diocese of Armidale, NSW. In , Ministry by the People. (pp. ). Geneva: World Council of Churches, Program on Theological Education.

Journal Article

  • 2004
    • Harrison, P. (2004). Forty Years On: The Evolution of Theological Education by Extension. Evangelical Review of Theology, Vol 8., No. 4 315 - 328.
  • 1992
    • Harrison, P., (1992). Education for Liberation? An Analysis of Some Recurrent Problems in Third World Protestant Ministerial Formation (PhD Diss.). , .


Academic Conference

  • 2013
    • Curriculum Design for Theological Education by Extension, Seoul National University, Korea. (2013), INCREASE International Workshop on Curriculum Design, Seoul National University, Korea, 01 Mar 2013
  • 2010
    • The History of Theological Education by Extension since 1960's. (2010), INCREASE International Workshop on TEE, Kathmandu, Nepal, 01 Oct 2010

Other presentation

  • 2010
    • Interview on cross-cultural theological education (2010), Christian Radio Station., Saldus, Latvia, 01 Feb 2010

Scholarship Publications

Book Chapter

  • 2021
    • Harrison, P. (2021). History of TEE In Eds. Burke, David, et al., TEE for the 21st Century (pp. ). Langham Press, Cambridge.

Other Publication

  • 1995
    • Harrison, P. (1995). The Use of Aristotle’s Concept of Justice in Thomas Aquinas’ “Treatise on Justice” (MSt Diss.).
  • 1971
    • Harrison, P. (1971). The Quest for Holiness: A Comparative Study of the Teachings of Calvin and Wesley on Sanctification, with Special Reference to the Role of the Holy Spirit (ThM Diss.).
  • 1962
    • Harrison, P. (1962). Theodor Fontane als Sozialkritiker (Theodor Fontane as a Social Critic) (Hons Diss.).

Professional Memberships

TEAR Australia (since None)

Current Supervision

  • Current
    • Unknown, Transformational Leadership in Theological Education (Masters Project/Thesis)
    • Unknown, Learning to Serve - A study in Flexible Mode Ministry Education for the Presbyterian Church of Timor Leste (Doctoral Thesis)
    • Smith, B., A study of English Communication among different First-Language groups in a selection of Melbourne Churches (Doctoral Thesis)
    • Unknown, Contextual or Colonial: An analysis of the cultural and theological appropriateness of a Christian counsellor training program taugh in the Alotau District (Milne Bay Province) of PNG (Doctoral Thesis)
    • Unknown, The Multi-campus Challenge: Alternatives for Delivering Theological Education in Malawi (Masters Project/Thesis)
    • Unknown, The Role of a Bible College Training Program in successful Church-Planting by graduates in the New Guinea Highlands (Doctoral Thesis)

Completed Supervision

  • 2017
    • Unknown, An Examination Of Possible Zones Of Intercultural Learning in Theological Education: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis To A Case Of Study In The Netherlands (Masters Project/Thesis), 2017
  • 2016
    • Unknown, Some implications of oral/print preference learning for church-based theological education, with special reference to TEEM, Malawi. (Masters Project/Thesis), 2016
    • Unknown, Participatory Teaching And Learnign Strategies In An African Context: An Investigation Of Attitudes Towards, An Use Of Such Strategies At Evangelical University, Ndola, Zambia. (Masters Project/Thesis), 2016
  • 1999
    • Bernhard Ott, Beyond Fragmentation: Integrating Mission and Theological Education, A Critical Assessment of some Recent Developments in Evangelical Theological Education (Doctoral Thesis), 1999

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