Dr Robert Pope

Dr Robert Pope

Director of the Centre for Intercultural Research and Engagement

Robert is a PhD candidate at University of Muhammadiyah in Malang and Project Coordinator of the Centre for Religious Studies and Multiculturalism. He and his family have been living in Indonesia for almost 30 years. Robert is also founding Director of Equal Access International which focuses on establishing strategic education partnerships throughout Indonesia. His research area of expertise is Islamic history and the development of critical thinking within Islam in Indonesia.


Doctor of Islamic Education (Candidate) (Muhammadiyah Malang University)
Dissertation Title The Impact of the Islamic State University in introducing Critical Thinking in Islamic Education in Indonesia 2020

Master of Islamic Education (Muhammadiyah Malang University)
Dissertation Title The Life Narrative of Usman Kadir: A Journey from Radicalism 2015

Graduate Degree in Leadership (Alphacrucis College) 2013

Current Research

Critical Thinking in Islamic Education in Indonesia


Islamic studies; Islamic history; intercultural studies; Indonesian studies; international students

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