Dr Stephen Fyson
PhD , BA Hons , DipCS (post grad) , MHPEd

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Dr Stephen Fyson
Senior Lecturer, Education

Stephen is a member of the Faculty of Education, Arts and Social Science and specialises in the following areas: Social Science .


Stephen is a social researcher by trade and a teacher at heart.  As a Christian social scientist, he has combined these interests and passions in his work with young people for over 37 years.  He has worked in welfare, health and education, and was involved in establishing Christian Psychology and Community Psychology within the Australian Psychological Society. 

Stephen has been working in and developing Christian schools for 30 years.  He was Principal of Southland College (a Christian Teacher Training Institute) and Director of Education for Morling College in Sydney (the Baptist Theological College for NSW and the ACT).  He recently headed up a Christian special needs school (St Philip’s DALE Christian School). He is currently working as Special Projects Officer with the St Philip's Christian College group of schools, and Senior Lecturer of Education, Alphacrucis College.

Stephen has been published in books, journals and professional newsletters and has been invited to teach around Australia and overseas.  Stephen has been married for 41 years, has three adult children and five grandchildren.  He has qualifications in psychology, education and theology, and also enjoys music, fresh air and exercise, and working with people.


Research Interests

* Philosophy and practice of Christian Education

* Development of Christian Community (leadership and management)

* Intgration of Christian theology in social science theory and practice 

* Development of Christian schools (against mission drift)

* Teaching Bible to teenagers 

* Wellbeing in schools 

* Ideologies in educational institutions 

Academic Qualifications


Dissertation Title Understanding and developing transformational community in order to prevent alienation: a longitudinal study of students involved in a school restructure


BA Hons (UniNSW)


DipCS (post grad) (Regent College, Vancouver)



Selected Publications

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