Dr Yong-Sun Yang

Dr Yong-Sun Yang

Head of Theology Korean Language Program

Yong-Sun Yang has an academic training in Mathematics, Economics, Philosophy, and Theology. He was born in South Korea and came to Australia in 1993 after 2 years of study in Japan. He lives in Sydney with his wife, Mi-Hea, three daughters, So-Ra, So-Ri, and Ha-Neul, and one son, Jeong-Hun.


PhD (University of New South Wales)
Dissertation Title Economics and Theology of Salvation in Adam Smith and Hegel 2009

MTh (Sydney College of Divinity)
Dissertation Title The Uniqueness of Jesus in a postmodern world 2001

MEc (Soong Sil University) 1987

BTh (Sydney College of Divinity) 1999

BA (Universtiy of Sydney) 1996

BSc (Seoul National University) 1984

Research Interests

Theology, Multiculturalism, Economic theology and Philosophy.


  • 2012
    • Yang, Yong Sun (2012). Economies of Salvation: Adam Smith and Hegel. Peter Lang. Oxford.
  • 2009
    • Yang, Yong Sun (Ed.) (2009). Korean Methodist Church in Australia and New Zealand. Hermit Kingdom Press. Highland.

Book Chapter

  • 2008
    • Yang, Yong Sun (2008). Journeyies in Biblical Study In , The Uniqueness of Jesus as the Beauty of Harmony among Us (pp. 96-117). New York. Hermit Kingdom.
    • Yang, Yong Sun (2008). Journeys in Biblical Studies In , Economics and Theology of Salvation (pp. 34-57). New York. Hermit Kingdom.


Academic Conference

  • 2011
    • A Theological Meaning of Economic Ideas (2011), Alphacrucis College, 10 Oct 2011

Scholarship Publications

Book Review

  • 2015
    • Yang, Yong Sun (2015). A Review on The Oxford Handbook of Christianity- book review. Journal of the History of Economic Thought, 37:4 626-28.
  • 2014
    • Yang, Yong Sun (2014). The Oxford Handbook of Christianity and Economics. Text & Context, Vol. 2 255-260.

Professional Memberships

AAR (since 2015)

KSST (since 2015)

NATTI (since 2015)

SBL (since 2015)

Completed Supervision

  • 2016
    • Kang, H., Biblical analysis into the relationship between economic wealth and spirituality (Masters Project/Thesis), 2016
    • Kang, H.S., An analysis of the role of Mattehw's character in the Gosepl (Masters Project/Thesis), 2016
    • Kim, G.T, The future of worship in a postmodern society (Masters Project/Thesis), 2016
    • Lee, D.B., An alaysis into the meaning of life and death in church history. (Masters Project/Thesis), 2016
    • Lee, K.D., The role of church for the elderly people in Korean church communites (Masters Project/Thesis), 2016
    • Park, J.W, The role of natural theology for social morality (Masters Project/Thesis), 2016
    • Park, K.Y., An analysis into the theology of Uchimura's understanding of church (Masters Project/Thesis), 2016
    • Park, Y.S., The movement of heretics in Korean churches (Masters Project/Thesis), 2016
  • 2015
    • Ahn, H.J., The Role and Nature of Holy Spirit (Masters Project/Thesis), 2015
    • Kim, D.J., The Meaning and Role of House Church Ministries (Masters Project/Thesis), 2015
    • Park, J.W., A Chritian Response on the Modern Biotechnologies (Masters Project/Thesis), 2015
    • Park, K.Y., A Research on the Phenomenon of Speaking in Tongues (Masters Project/Thesis), 2015
    • Yi, K.C., A Comparative Study on Correlation between Confusian Values and Christian Ethics (Masters Project/Thesis), 2015
  • 2014
    • Bae, Y.K., An Anysis of Asian Theolgies (Masters Project/Thesis), 2014
    • Kim, K.S., Whitehead and Levinas' Theological Persepectives on Theodicy (Masters Project/Thesis), 2014
    • Kim, S.K., The Relationship between Worship and Music (Masters Project/Thesis), 2014
    • Lee, D.B., The Role and Limit of Spiritual Gifts: the Spirit and Love (Masters Project/Thesis), 2014
    • Shin, H.Y., An Exploration of the Meaning of 'Makarios' in Relation to the Poor in Spirit (Masters Project/Thesis), 2014
    • Son, Y.H., A Theological Approach to the Meaning of Anxiety (Masters Project/Thesis), 2014
    • Yu, J., The Doctrine of Faith in John Calvin, Karl Barth and Korean Reformed Church Theology (Doctoral Thesis), 2014

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