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Am I able to photocopy?

The photocopier is located behind the half purple wall at the back of the library. It is operated by a swipe card available from the library desk. A $5 deposit is required and is redeemable upon the return of the card. Credit can be applied to the card in any amount. Copies are .10c for an A4 page and .20c for an A3 page.

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Can I Access the Internet

Library users may access the Internet on any of our On-Line Database computers, located in the main Library area.

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Can I print from the Library?

Printing can be done from any of the library computers to the photocopier. The same card can be used as for photocopying, and the cost is the same. Instructions for retrieval of your document from the print server are located on the wall near the photocopier.

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Does the library have internet access?

In the JWM Library, you can access the internet in one of three ways:

  • Library Computers
  • Personal Computers (Plug-in)
  • Personal Computers (wireless)

Each person wanting to access sites other than the library website, moodle and the Alphacrucis homepage require their own username and password. Access to the above three sites is free. A form for an internet account can be found on our website.

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Do you have a scanner I can use?

The library photocopier has a scan-to-email-or-USB function. This is a free service and a photocopy card is not required. The same copyright restrictions apply for scanning as for photocopying. Instructions are on the wall.

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How do I access the online databases?

For access to these resources, fill in this form and we will email you the details.

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How much can I photocopy or scan?
  • From a book — 10% or one chapter, whichever is greater
  • From a journal — one article, two articles if they are related to the same subject of study

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What Databases are Available?

Alphacrucis College subscribes to the following databases:

  • ALTA Indexes
  • ALTA Serials
  • EBSCO Religion and Philosophy Database
  • Proquest
  • Oxford Biblical Studies Online
  • Brill
  • Informit
  • ARI

All of these databases are available for students to use. Please submit an 'ejournal access application' form, once this is processed we will email you the details of access.

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