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Are there any penalties for repeatedly returning items late?

Yes, a borrower will be housebound (unable to borrow) for a period of one month if any of the following applies to him or her:

  • The borrower has incurred a fine of $70 or more
  • Fines have accumulated in 5 consecutive weeks to a total of $50 or more
  • The borrower reported an item missing
  • The borrower has items overdue by more than 2 months

A borrower will be informed in writing if the decision is made to housebound him or her.

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Can I Place An Item On Hold?

Resources from the collection will be held upon request for a period of 1 week if there is no other demand for them by other patrons. After this time the items will be returned to the collection. Items that are currently on loan may be placed on hold by other patrons for their use, and the library staff will contact the holder when the item becomes available.

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How can I Renew an Item?

Any items can be renewed over the phone or by presenting them to the Information Desk for normal length of loan, assuming the patron is in good standing and there is no demand for the item.

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How do I find items in the Library?

Search the library catalogue. You will find the link on the library homepage.

Ask the staff in the library for a general Dewey number for a particular subject.

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How long can I borrow for?

All the books from General Collections can be borrowed for 2 weeks with the exception of the books that are placed in the 3-Day loan or overnight section.

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How many items can I borrow?

Any 5 items from any combination of collections excluding Reference, Korean Reference, Dissertations, Rare Books and Pentecostal Heritage.

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How often can I renew an item?

Each item you borrow can be renewed once for the same number of days as when it was borrowed, from the day it is renewed. Renewals can be done in person, online, over the phone or by email.

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What Are the Borrowing Regulations?

Full details of all borrowing regulations are available at the Information Desk of the library. Failure to return or renew a borrowed item by the due date results in a loss of borrowing privileges until the item is returned.

  • All items, except reference books and restricted items, are loaned for two weeks. Five books from the collection may be borrowed at any one time.
  • Borrowed items may not be lent to another patron. If a patron gives their borrowed item to another person, who then returns the item late, the patron who originally borrowed the item will be fined for the number of days late.
  • Items from regular circulation may be renewed at one week, provided they are not reserved. Any item may not be renewed twice. Is it the policy of the library not to permit a item on which there is an unpaid overdue fine to be renewed.
  • If an item which a patron desires has already been borrowed, the patron may request that they be notified when the item is returned to the library.
  • Reference books and folder materials and journals do not circulate outside the library, but may be used freely within the library.
  • Items on overnight loans must be returned by 7pm of the following day. They may then be renewed if there is no demand for them.
  • All borrowed items are to be returned to the service desk of the library.

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What Are the Fees for Overdue Items?

Overdue items will be noted on the patron's record and the patron will be charged a late fee of $1 per day overdue until the item is returned. If the item is not returned, the patron will be required to pay the replacement value of the resource in addition to a $50 administration fee.

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What are the fines for overdue items?

Fines are charged at $1 per day per item, with 1 day’s grace. Fines need to be settled at the time you return your items. If you have not been able to settle your fines upon return of items, the Library will inform the accounts department and they will invoice you. Fines that have been invoiced must be paid at Reception.

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What Can Be Borrowed?
  • Any books in the Main Collection. Only Southern Cross College students may borrow Reserve books marked as Three Day Loans or Overnight Loan.
  • Journals are available for reading and photocopying within the library only.

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What does “housebound” mean?

When a borrower is made housebound, they still have access to the library and its facilities however they are not permitted to borrow for a period of one month. Any rights they have with another library may be revoked as well; however this is the decision of the librarian at the library concerned.

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What does the information in the catalogue mean?

If you find a title on the catalogue that you would like to locate on the shelves, the information below the title will help you. It lists the branch, the collection and the call number where the book can be located. It also lists how many we have as well as the status of them.

Before you move to the shelves, check the item you want is in the library that you are in, or that you are going to. Next check that there is at least on listed as on the shelf that is available. You can then take down the collection and the call number and locate it on the shelf.

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What happens if I Damage or Loose an Item?

Patrons are responsible to return items in the same condition in which they were withdrawn from the library. If items are lost, damaged, or marked in any way (including underlining), the parton will be required to pay the replacement value of the resource in addition to a $50 administration fee. If the item is lost, the patron will be required to pay any accumulated overdue fines from the period prior to the item being reported as lost.

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What if I can’t find an available item on the shelf?

If the catalogue says that an item should be on the shelf and it isn't, try looking in the "to be shelved" area near the photocopier. If you still cannot find it, ask a staff member for help.

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What if I loose an item I borrowed from the library?

You need to tell the librarian as soon as you are able. Any fines on lost items are calculated from the due date to the date reported. You will be charged any fines outstanding for the item, the replacement cost and an administration fee. This will be added to your college account and you will be invoiced. If you have other items on loan when you report a lost item you will be asked to bring them back by the due date; renewals will not be given. You will be made housebound for a period of 1 month from the date you return your last remaining item, you will be notified of this in writing.

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What is a Dewey number?

The Dewey Decimal System is an international book classification system used in libraries to identify the subject area in which a book has been categorized. It uses a three-digit number, further extended beyond a decimal point for sub-categories.

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When Can I Return My Books?

At this time there are no after-hours returning facilities at the James Wallace Memorial Library. Therefore, all items must be returned within the working business hours of the library, or else items can be left at the Reception desk of Alphacrucis.

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Who is Eligible to Borrow?

The following people can borrow from the James Wallace Memorial Library:

  • Alphacrucis staff and faculty
  • All Full-time and Part-time Alphacrucis students

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