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Program Director for Programs (Music and Media)

Supervisor: Head of Worship

Location: National

Award: Educational Services (Post-Secondary Education) Award

Classification: Academic Teacher Level B.1

Type: Permanent part time (FTE 0.4)

1.0 Relationships

1.1 Reports to Head of Worship. 

1.2 Works with:

      a. Students, Prospective Students;

      b. Faculty of Theology Department Heads, other Program Directors, VETSAC, Academic Administration, Faculty, Director of Accreditation and Standards;

      c. Other Alphacrucis College Staff – i.e. administrative and operational staff

      d. Partner Colleges/LCCs offering VET Music or Media Programs

2.0 Program Director, Music and Media

Summary: The Program Director (PD) is the leading advocate and champion of their specified programs (below) and oversees the academic administration and student advisory oversight of that program.

At the moment, these programs include (but are not limited to); Certificate III Music Industry, Diploma of Music Industry, and Diploma of Screen and Media.

2.1 Basic Job Functions 

The key responsibilities for this role include (but are not limited to):

a. Overall leadership and oversight of their specified programs, and their delivery across all AC campuses, modes, and partners. This oversight includes the training and delivery of the programs, ongoing improvement of the programs, developments to enhance growth in enrolments, and its pathway integration with AC’s broader suite of programs;

b. Oversight of the quality of the programs. This includes:

     i. monitoring the delivery and assessing of units to ensure they are of appropriate quality; 

     ii. mentoring of trainers and supervision of trainers lacking in educational qualifications;

c. Oversight of academic administration, planning, and decision-making. This includes:

     i. annual and semester planning to ensure the smooth delivery of the programs across all locations and delivery modes; 

     ii. overseeing credit transfers and RPL

     iii. managing student progress and retention issues

     iv. participation in the Vocational Education Student Affairs Committee (VETSAC)

     v. managing academic appeals

     vi. managing plagiarism and academic misconduct of students

     vii. participation in the end of semester Grade Monitoring and Validation process

     viii. Prepares and submits an annual written Program Director’s Report

     ix. managing applications for graduation

d. Oversees and provides student support and academic advice. 

e. Actively promotes the program and oversees its expansion and growth. Liaises with the marketing department to assist in the effective promotion of the program. Devises new promotional initiatives;

                  3.0 Qualifications/Skills:

                  3.1 Completion of Bachelor’s Degree or higher with a focus on music or media;

                  3.2 Completion of, or willingness to complete, the TAE40116 Certificate in Training and Assessment (preferred); 

                  3.3 Evidence of successful training in courses up to Diploma level, and current ministry and leadership experience;

                  3.4 Successful experience in academic administration and IT skills;

                  3.5 Proven leadership, people and communication skills;

                  3.6 Understanding of VET systems and processes;

                  3.7 Commitment to the Christian faith that informs one’s professional and personal choices and commitments, consistent with the identity of AC as a Pentecostal college.

                                      If this role interests you and, you feel that you have the requisite skills then please send you cover letter and resume to