This document applies to all present and future borrowers of items from the James Wallace Memorial Library collections at all Alphacrucis College campuses, the Hillsong College campus at Norwest Business Park, and at the School of Creative Arts at Oxford Falls.

By the signing and submitting of a borrower application form at any of the three campus locations in person, electronically or otherwise, the applicant (here after also referred to as the ‘borrower’ or ‘user’) acknowledges that they are aware of the policies explained in this document and agree to adhere to the rules and regulations of the James Wallace Memorial Library at the Chester Hill campus, and at any other library where items from the James Wallace Memorial Library are held.

A copy of this policy is available on the library website or can be obtained on request in person or by email from the librarian.

General Library Rules

The library exists to provide not only the resources to support and enhance the learning and research endeavours of the staff and students of Alphacrucis College, but it also aims to provide an environment that is conducive to efficient learning. In order to achieve these goals, the library asks that all borrowers or users of the library:

  • Avoid causing excessive or unreasonable disruption or distraction to those in the library, including through boisterous, irritating, unsafe or otherwise disorderly behaviour.
  • Not restrict users from accessing the library’s facilities or diverting the library staff from their duties.
  • Not bring animals into the library – except an animal trained to alleviate the effect of a disability. These animals must be restrained at all times.
  • Respect other users and their personal property, being courteous and polite at all times.
  • Respect library resources, furniture and other facilities and equipment.
  • Comply with instructions on signs posted throughout the library area, including those relating but not limited to:
  1. Library hours and closing dates
  2. Copyright
  3. Occupational health and safety
  4. Use, borrowing or reservation of library resources
  5. Use of mobile phones in the library
  6. Use of library and personal technological equipment (particularly relating to volume level) in the library
  7. Eating and drinking in and around the library.
  • Converse with other users of the library at a reasonable volume level.
  • Obey the instructions of the library staff if and when asked to do so.
  • Remain within the library area and not go into the offices or staff only areas attached to the library as signposted.
  • When finished using items from the library shelves, place the items in the ‘Books to be shelved’ area of the library. Please do not shelve items as the library will be better maintained if only those trained to shelve do so.

Borrower Details

The library requires that all details on the borrower application form be complete, correct and legible, and it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that this is so. Upon the application being processed, the library will, in writing, inform the borrower of their username and password for the online catalogue, as well as the web address, and staff contact details. It is the responsibility of the borrower to keep these details secure and familiarise themselves with the online catalogue and the procedure for renewing their items online.

The library communicates with its borrowers primarily through the use of email, it is the responsibility of the borrower to inform the library of any changes to their personal details immediately. In the event that a sent email bounces because an address does not exist or has been closed, the library will attempt to send the communication to another listed email, either in the library database or the database kept by the registrar’s department. If no second email exists or if the second email also bounces, a print out of the library’s communication to the borrower will be sent to the postal address that the library has on record. Any returned mail will not be followed up.

The library accepts no responsibility if a borrower does not receive a particular notice or communication by a certain time or at all.

Lending Rules

All students regardless of level of study or campus are entitled to borrow a total of five (5) items from any combination of collections held at the campus where they study. Unless otherwise stated or labelled, loans are for two (2) weeks with one (1) renewal (unless reserved by another borrower) of two (2) weeks. Exceptions to this rule are:

Oxford Falls students are restricted to one (1) week loan period and one (1) renewal (unless reserved by another borrower) of one (1) week (due to size of collection, demand and number of students).

Items marked otherwise are on shorter, restricted loan periods because these items form the core resources to subjects being taught and as such are in much higher demand than other items.

Restricted loan collections and their loan periods are:

Collection Loan Period
3 Day Loan Collection 3 Days
Korean 3 Day Loan Collection 3 Days
Overnight Loan Collection 1 Night
Korean Overnight Loan Collection 1 Night
Reference Collection Not for loan
Korean Reference Collection Not for loan

This list is not conclusive and other collections may be created in the future with restricted loan periods, for reasons to be identified by the librarian.

Any items needing to be moved to another collection of a shorter loan period will be done so once the item has been returned. A borrower will not be asked or expected to bring an item back before the end of the loan period that was in place at the time that it was borrowed. All items on restricted loan periods are clearly marked with either ‘3 Day Loan’, ‘Overnight Loan’ or ‘Reference – Not for Loan’.

It is the responsibility of the borrower to return their loans on time and in the same conditions as at the time they were borrowed.


Borrowers are able to extend the loan period once per item (provided that no other borrower has placed a reserve on them) for the length of the original loan period, meaning that a renewal on a general collection item will be two (2) weeks, whereas a renewal on an overnight loan item will be one (1) night. Items can be renewed at any time, however the extended loan period will take effect from the time of renewal, meaning that if a general collection item is borrowed and renewed after only one (1) week, the item would be due two (2) weeks later, not three (3).

Borrowers can renew their loans a number of ways, the easiest of which is online as it is available even when the library is closed. Information on how to use this facility will be given at the beginning of each semester at student orientation days and is available on request from the library staff. Borrowers are also able to renew their loans in person, over the phone or by email.


The library staff on duty at the time items are borrowed will inform the borrower verbally of the date that the items are due. In the interests of saving paper, print notices are only available on request. It is the borrower’s responsibility to take note of when their items are due. The library is unable to send automatic, system generated notifications to borrowers informing them that their loans are due shortly. The library staff are more than happy to remind borrowers of due dates when requested either in person, over the phone or by email.

Overdue notices are system generated emails or printouts informing borrowers that the items they borrowed are now overdue. These are sent out once a week, serve as a reminder and are a courtesy only. The library takes no responsibility if for some reason overdue notices are not received. It is the borrower’s responsibility to ensure all personal details are correct at all times, failure to do so may result in communications from the library being received late or not at all.


It is the responsibility of the borrower to return their items by the due date, even if they have given them to a friend to return. Any fine from items returned late either by the borrower themselves, or a friend, will go on the account of the borrower. Responsibility for returning items on time is not transferable. A grace period of one (1) day exists on all loans, meaning that if for some reason you do not return your items on time, you have until the end of the next day to either renew or return them before you are fined for them being late.

Overdue loans are charged the same amount regardless of loan period or level of study of the borrower, or campus. Each overdue item is fined $1 (one dollar) per day, including weekends (because even when the library is closed, the website is still available to renew your loans). This means that if you return your items a week after the due date, you will be fined $7 (seven dollars) per item overdue. All or part of a library fine may be waived if the borrower can prove he or she was physically unable to return or renew their items on time. The decision of waiving a borrower’s fine rests with the librarian and their decision is final.

All fines are reported to the accounts department each and every Monday (Tuesday for public holidays) and they will invoice you the amount of the fine. At this same time the record of the fine will be cleared from the library system so that the same fine is not reported twice. It is the responsibility of the library to ensure this happens.

Housebound Rules

A borrower, at the discretion of the librarian, may be made housebound if he or she has been found to have a bad borrowing record. Bad borrowing records are identified by any one or combination of the following factors:

  • The borrower has accrued more than $70 (seventy dollars) of library fines at one time. This means that the borrower has a certain number of days to return or renew the items on loan before being made housebound. This depends on the number of loans a borrower has on loan. 1 (one) item = 70 (seventy) days, 2 (two) items = 35 (thirty-five) days, 3 (three) items = 24 (twenty-four) days, 4 (four) items = 18 (eighteen) days and 5 (five) items = 14 (fourteen) days.
  • The borrower has had fines reported to the accounts department in 5 (five) consecutive weeks totalling $50 (fifty dollars) or more over the 5 (five) weeks.
  • The borrower has items overdue by more than 2 months.
  • The borrower has lost a library item.

In the event of a borrower being made housebound, that borrower will not be permitted to borrow from the library (either at their campus or another) for a period of 1 (one) month. During this time the borrower may still use the items that the library holds however they must remain in the library. All other facilities that the library provides will still be available.

The decision to make a borrower housebound rests with the librarian, their decision is final.

In the event of a borrower being made housebound, it is the responsibility of the library to inform the borrower of this decision. If the borrower is still within the confines of the library, the borrower is to be informed verbally, and in writing. If the borrower has left the library, they are to be informed in writing and reminded verbally should they attempt to borrow.

A borrower’s rights with another library that the James Wallace Memorial Library has borrowing agreements with may be suspended for the same length of time. This decision is to be made by the librarian in charge of the library concerned.

If the borrower wishes, they can appeal the decision to housebound. Appeals can be made to the librarian in writing and must be accompanied by evidence that they require the ability to borrow from the library or evidence proving that circumstances out of their control prevented them from returning or renewing their loans on time, resulting in the decision to housebound them. If the borrower is unhappy with the result, they can follow the appeals process outlined in the policies and procedures manual available on the college website.

Replacement Rules

In the event that a borrower misplaces an item on loan to them, they are expected to pay the library for the replacement. They are also expected to pay any fines relating to the lost item from the day it was due to the day the library was informed of its loss. An administration fee of $30 (thirty dollars) also applies for the replacement of an item whether replaced by the borrower or ordered through the library. The fine, administration fee and cost of the item will be added to the borrower’s college account. The borrower will be made housebound as explained in the housebound rules section.

Reciprocal Borrowing Rights

The library aims to provide even more resources to the staff and students of Alphacrucis College through reciprocal borrowing arrangements with libraries in similar fields. A borrower may, if they wish, request borrowing rights with the libraries that the James Wallace Memorial Library has these arrangements with.

Any borrower must complete an application for borrowing status in order to receive this privilege. This application will either be used to grant access to a library (it must be signed) or used to write a letter of introduction for the same purpose, depending on the library applied for.

Grounds for denying an applicant access to another institution’s library include but are not limited to:

  • The applicant being currently housebound
  • The applicant being housebound less than 3 (three) months previously
  • The applicant having current overdues of more than 2 (two) weeks
  • The applicant having had their borrowing rights at any other library revoked within the same year

The above list is relevant for applications being accepted and processed by the James Wallace Memorial Library staff. Other reasons may exist for rejecting an application by the library concerned are at the discretion of the librarian in charge.

An applicant for borrowing status at a library other than Alphacrucis College must first be a borrower of the James Wallace Memorial Library. The libraries available to Alphacrucis College students depend on the level of study being undertaken.

  • Bachelor level students can access the Veech Library at the Catholic Institute of Sydney in Strathfield.
  • Masters level students can access the Veech Library at the Catholic Institute of Sydney in Strathfield, the Australian Catholic University Library in Strathfield and the Macquarie University Library in North Ryde.

Once access to another library is granted, it is the responsibility of the borrower to present themselves to the staff of the external library for a borrowing card. All of the rules that govern an external library apply to Alphacrucis College students who apply for and are granted borrowing rights at external libraries. It is the responsibility of the borrower to return items that they borrow from external libraries on time and in the same condition in which they were borrowed. Failure to comply with any of the above may result in borrowing rights being revoked and future applications being denied.

When visiting an external library, borrowers are representatives of Alphacrucis College and are expected to behave themselves accordingly. Borrowers are to obey the instructions and directions of the library staff and signs posted around the external library at all times. Any fines or lost items are expected to be paid or replaced. Infringement on these rules or the rules of the external library may result in the borrowing rights being revoked and future applications being denied.

Upon applications being granted, the borrower is reminded of these conditions verbally and must acknowledge that they understand them. It is the responsibility of the librarian to explain these rules to the borrower before they leave the library with their signed forms or letters.

Internet Use

The library supports and requires all users of the internet both within the library area (on both library and personal computers) and those outside the library using the wireless network to adhere to the terms and conditions of the Alphacrucis College electronic users policy available on the website.


A colour photocopier is available for use in the library by all students and residents and it doubles as a printer for the computers within the library. Please note that personal computers cannot be connected to the photocopier. A photocopy card is needed when using the photocopier and printer functions and is available from the library desk and is password protected. A $5 (five dollar) deposit is needed for the card which will be given back when the card is returned to the library after the student is finished with it. There is no credit limit for the cards, a user can put as much or as little credit on the card as they wish. The costs of photocopying and printing are posted next to the photocopier at all times.

The photocopier also has scanning capabilities at no cost. Instructions and demonstrations on how to use any function of the photocopier are available on request from the library staff. It is the responsibility of the card holder to keep their password secure, as well as the card itself. If a card is lost, the deposit will not be returned. Any credit left on the account when a card is returned to the library will be added to the deposit and given to the card holder.


The copyright statement of the James Wallace Memorial Library as it appears on the wall next to the photocopier is as follows:

“A copyright owner is entitled to take legal action against a person who infringes his or her copyright unless otherwise permitted by the ‘Copyright Act 1968’, unauthorised copying of a work in which copyright subsists may infringe the copyright of that work.

Where making a copy of a work is a fair dealing under Section 30 of the ‘Copyright Act 1968’, making that copy is not an infringement of the copyright of that work.

It is a fair dealing to make a copy, for the purposes of research or study, of one or more articles on the same subject matter in a periodical publication or, in the case of any other work, a reasonable portion of a work. In the case of a published work that is of not less than 10 pages and is not an artistic work, 10% of the total number of pages, or one chapter, is a reasonable portion.

More extensive copying may constitute fair dealing for the purpose of research or study. To determine whether it does, it is necessary to have regard to the criteria set out in Sub-Section 40 (2) of the ‘Copyright Act 1968’”

More information on Copyright as it applies to staff and students in an educational institution is available upon request from the librarian. It is the responsibility of the user to be aware of the copyright rules and to obey them, knowing the consequences of their actions should they infringe them.


All graduating students must be cleared by the library before they graduate in November. All items must be returned, and in the case of lost items, a replacement paid for. The accounts department will inform the students of any outstanding fines relating to the library.

Failure to return borrowed items, pay for a replacement of lost items and/or pay outstanding library fines will result in the student not participating in the graduation ceremony and the college withholding a student’s testamur until such time as these issues are resolved.