Why “Alphacrucis”?

…over 3000 companies were registered with Southern Cross in their name…

In this video, Principal Stephen Fogarty explains the rationale behind the college name change.

Alphacrucis is the brightest star in the Southern Cross, and it's at the foot of the cross […] The brightest star that shines at the foot of the cross. Sounds like a great story doesn't it, sounds like a great theme for a college: we want our students to shine brightly at the foot of the cross. Alphacrucis - shining brightly at the foot of the cross.

We hope that over these coming years we'll put out thousands of graduates who'll go all around Australia and around the world - and whatever they do we hope that they'll shine brightly, at the foot of the cross. That they'll proclaim Jesus Christ in a way that's attractive. That they'll live their lives in a way that's attractive. That they will shine for Jesus.


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