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Under the guidance of AC's Global Online Director Sam Hill, Alphacrucis has a vibrant and growing online community.

Success Coaches

This year Alphacrucis College is introducing a new pastoral initiative for all our online students. Every online student will be allocated a Success Coach. This initiative is for all students, whether you have just started, halfway through or nearly finishing your studies. We want to celebrate your progress as you move closer to graduating.

A Success Coach will encourage you in the followings ways:

Be in regular contact with you either by phone or email (this can be determined together)

Listen to you

Answer any questions you may have

Provide general guidance regarding study and life balance

Pray for you

Celebrate your achievements

At AC we recognise that distance learning has several challenges that are unique and different to those experienced by face-to-face students. Sometimes the isolation, lack of peer support and class interaction can be challenging. Of course, some choose online learning as it suits their lifestyle and personality. However, we offer this new pastoral initiative to all online students with the intention of ensuring that if you are struggling in your studies or perhaps would appreciate extra support from time to time, it is available.

This support does not replace the interaction with lecturers, tutors or program directors. This new initiative is to complement their support.

Ann Martin is our Student Success coach and can be contacted via email.

External Services

Alphacrucis College recognises that not all of our students study on campus – indeed, our students are located throughout Australia and all around the world. As such, AC is continually building networks with appropriate Christian and secular services that can assist our students with a variety of life situations in their local setting.


Salvos Care Line

1300 36 36 22

Salvos Care Line is a 24/7 professional and confidential telephone counseling hotline.

Salvos Counseling

Salvos Counseling is an in-person counseling service available through various centres in NSW, ACT and QLD. All counselors are active Christians and highly qualified. Salvos Counseling provide assistance in the following areas: Relationships, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Stress, Anger.

Relationships Australia

Relationships Australia (RA) provide relationship support services for individuals, families and communities – with an aim of supporting all people in Australia to achieve positive and respectful relationships.


Headspace is Australia’s National Youth Mental Health Foundation and provides a range of free or comparatively low-cost support services for those between 12-25 years old. Their eHeadspace initiative provides distance support and counseling via phone, email and instant messaging.


Beyondblue is an organisation that works to reduce the impact of depression and anxiety in the community by raising awareness and understanding, empowering people to seek help, and supporting recovery, management and resilience.

Black Dog Institute

Black Dog Institute (BDI) is a research institute that specializes in depression and bipolar disorder. As well as providing a wide range of easily accessible information to the general public on these topics, they also provide guidance and relevant details for those seeking assistance in regards to their own mental wellbeing.


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