Delivery Site Equivalence Policy

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  • Policy owner: Chair, Learning & Teaching Committee
  • Policy category: Academic: Learning and Teaching
  • Policy status: Approved
  • Approval body: Academic Board
  • Endorsement body: Learning & Teaching Committee
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  • Last amended: 7th Aug. 2017


The purpose of this policy is to outline the procedures to ensure there is comparability of learning experience for students at each delivery site operated by the College.


All delivery sites of the College


This policy is to establish the basis for comparability and equity for the delivery of subjects and units across all delivery sites and all modes of study operated by the College. The College’s commitment to comparability and equity between delivery sites entails the following requirements of all sites and modes of offer:

  1. Curriculum: All delivery sites and modes of delivery must follow the same accredited curriculum, including provisions for subject and unit outlines, and for assessment;
  2. Any customisation of subject and unit assessment for delivery mode or type (e.g. online; inclusion of local case studies and examples) must be approved by the Subject Coordinator, in accordance with assessment provisions of the “Higher Education Subject Development, Delivery and Review Policy”, or by the Program Director (VET);
  3. Learning Resources: All students should have access to learning resources sufficient for them to be able to achieve the learning outcomes of the course of study, as described in the curriculum documents as currently accredited;
  4. Student Support: All students-- in particular those classified under the ‘at risk’ category defined in AC Policy documents--must be able to access academic support mechanisms adequate for their needs, towards completion of the accredited objects of the program;
  5. Quality Assurance Systems: All delivery sites will be subject to the same ongoing quality assurance processes, to ensure equivalence of student experience, learning outcomes and delivery. The results of which will be submitted to the Academic Board through the regular reports of the Learning and Teaching Committee.

Responsible for implementation

Chair, Learning & Teaching Committee

Key stakeholders

Students, Lecturers, Program Directors

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Delivery Site Equivalence Procedure

The Learning and Teaching Committee is responsible to ensure that learning experiences of each program of study are to be equivalent for all delivery sites and all modes of study which the College operates. This is ensured through the following quality check mechanisms:

  1. Annual Academic Report;
  2. Internal Monitoring of Grades;
  3. External Moderation (HE);
  4. Validation (VET);
  5. Student Feedback.