AC Colloquia Series

The AC Colloquia Series presents an internal forum for faculty and postgraduate students to share their latest research "in house" for feedback from and discussion amongst colleagues. Each colloquium typically has two speakers, with time for Q&A after each presentation. The colloquia are held at AC Parramatta campus.

2017 Colloquia:

4 April 2017: Speakers - Prof Paul Oslington (Faculty of Business) and Prof Shane Clifton (Faculty of Theology).

9 May 2017: Speakers - Amie Choi (Faculty of Business) and Dr Michael Frost (Faculty of Theology)

6 June 2017: Speakers - Dr Robyn Wrigley-Carr (Faculty of Theology) and Kylie Dragan (Faculty of Theology)

1 August 2017: Speakers - Prof Mark Hutchinson (Faculty of Education, Arts and Social Science)

5 September 2017: Speakers - Tiffany Harris (Faculty of Theology)

3 October 2017: Speakers - Dr Caroline Batchelder (Faculty of Theology) and Jeremy Abbatacola (Postgraduate student)

7 November 2017: Speakers - Mousa Keyhanee (Postgraduate student) and Andrew Castle (Postgraduate student)

2016 Colloquia:

1 March 2016: Speakers - Assoc Prof Matthew Del Nevo (Faculty of Theology) and Stephen Brinton (Faculty of Education).

5 April 2016: Speakers - Dr Adam White (Faculty of Theology) and Phillip Webb (postgraduate student).

3 May 2016: Speakers - Dr Daniel Thornton (Faculty of Education) and Paul Camac (postgraduate student).

7 June 2016: Speakers - Samuel Hill (postgraduate student) and Caroline Batchelder (Faculty of Theology).

2 August 2016: Speakers - Micheline Facey (postgraduate student) and Dr Jim Twelves (Faculty of Education).

6 September 2016: Speaker - Craig Hall (postgraduate student).

11 October 2016: Speakers - Dr Robyn Wrigley-Carr (Faculty of Theology) and Kevin Hovey (Faculty of Theology).

1 November 2016: Speakers - Dean O'Keefe (Faculty of Theology) and Daryl Potts (Faculty of Theology).

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