Biennial International Conference

Alphacrucis College hosts a biennial International Conference. In 2017, we are hosting the inaugural conference of the Australian Christian Higher Education Alliance (ACHEA) in lieu of the Alphacrucis College biennial conference. For further details, see ACHEA2017.

The Biennial International Conferences in the past had various themes. In 2013, the theme of the conference was Pentecostal Theology in the Marketplace. Selected papers from this conference are published in the Australian Pentecostal Studies journal.

The 2015 conference, themed “Leadership,” was held on the 7th of July 2015, at AC Parramatta campus. Keynote address was by Dr Tony Golsby-Smith, CEO, 2nd Road.

2015 Conference: Brief Program

Panel: Leadership in Context, Chaired by Professor Paul Oslington
  • The language of leadership: A personal and theological discussion.” Featured presentation by Rt Rev Prof Stephen Pickard, Charles Sturt University.
  • Pentecostal leadership and Maori in Aotearoa-New Zealand: Exploring the impact of the bicultural deficit in Pentecostal Christianity” by Michael Frost, Otago University, NZ.
  • Christian outreach and commerce: Leadership in a Christian social enterprise” by Craig Hall, Macquarie University.
  • Tales from the dark side of leadership communication” by Antoni Lee, University of Sydney.
  • ‘Decreed by heaven’: A model for transformational leadership in Mongolian Pentecostalism” by Assoc Prof Denise Austin, Alphacrucis College.
  • Panel: Church Leadership, Chaired by Dr Ian Jagelman

  • The self-compassionate leader: Escaping the self-esteem trap.” Featured presentation by Prof Bruce A. Stevens, Charles Sturt University.
  • Questioning the ‘Man of God’: Selina’s story” by Dr David Crawley, Laidlaw College, NZ.
  • ‘Why was Saul hiding in the baggage? How an ancient story can throw light on a dark issue in contemporary leadership” by John Rhodes, Alphacrucis College.
  • ‘That we should no longer be children’ (Eph4:11-16): Mandate, maturity, and mission in the task of fivefold ministry” by Micheline Facey, Emmaus Bible College.
  • Is servant leadership effective in motivating volunteers?” by Assoc Prof Stephen Fogarty, Alphacrucis College.
  • Panel: Educational Leadership, Chaired by Daniel Thornton

  • Educational leadership: Which side is the dark side? By Stephen Fyson, DALE Christian School.
  • How effective are Australian schools at reaching the next generation for Christ?” by Stephen Brinton, University of Newcastle.
  • Toward a model of sustainable Christian education” by Dr Jim Twelves, Alphacrucis College.
  • The rise of the new clergy: The displacement of the church in 21st century Australian faith-affiliated schools, the role of the teacher as proxy cleric” by David Hastie, Macquarie University.
  • Panel: Theology of Leadership, Chaired by Assoc Prof Stephen Fogarty

  • The role of leadership during the collapse of a society (according to Ezekiel and the Exilic prophets)” by Sue Earl, University of Sydney.
  • Pentecostal ecumenical pioneers: Case studies in leadership” by Dr Harold D. Hunter, IPHC Archives & Research Centre, USA.
  • Jesus, leadership, and ‘spiritual childlikeness’” by Dr Robyn Wrigley-Carr, Alphacrucis College.

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