Faculty of Theology

Message from the Director

Welcome to the Faculty of Theology at AC

The primary goal of the Faculty of Theology is to help students explore the shape and scope of a Christian worldview. In particular, we seek to encourage students in their search for the truth, goodness, and beauty of God. Indeed, what a person believes about the nature of God and the value and purpose of creation shapes their personal identity and behaviour. Because this is so, at the core of each of our programs at Alphacrucis College is the deliberate integration of Christian faith into all areas of study and preparation for future vocation.

Our challenge to prospective students is to envision a better future for our rapidly changing world and seriously consider their role in this process of transformation. Yet, how do we know what a transformed community and world should look like? What is our role in this task? While there are many voices in society that offer alternative views, we believe the task of Christian leaders is to provide a creative and thoughtful response.

This response should be based on an understanding of the Bible, theology, history and culture. That is exactly what we offer within the School of Theology – a foundational worldview from a Christian perspective. Our faculty is a dynamic team of world-class researchers, educators, pastoral leaders, and missionaries. They combine specialist knowledge, active research and professional experience to provide holistic education that emphasizes active learning and practical application.

Whether your goal is to lead and minister in churches, or live out the good news of the kingdom of God in Australian and global society, the classes and programs offered by the School of Theology will deepen your understanding of your Christian faith.

Professor Rikk Watts
Dean of Theology

Awards offered within the Faculty of Theology

What makes us unique?

A Transformative Learning Experience

Alphacrucis creates an environment for excellence in learning. Our highly qualified and experienced faculty combine specialist knowledge, creative delivery and practical insights. This produces an inspiring and innovative classroom experience with solid content.

We advocate a holistic approach to education through active learning. Our education is not about simply transferring information. It is about meeting students where they are at and building their understanding. This involves providing students with a critical knowledge of subjects; skills in problem-solving; people skills and conflict negotiation through group work; the ability to think through complex issues; and, the ability to effectively communicate to a large range of audiences.

Flexible Learning

Alphacrucis offers subjects in 4 different modes of study. All offer a different kind of experience.

Face-to-Face (FTF) These subjects are available on campus and offer weekly face-to-face lectures throughout the semester supported by on-line reading, tests and exercises. A great way to become part of the Alphacrucis community.

Intensive (INT) When a subject is offered in intensive mode all the face-to-face lecturing is compiled in 4 or 5 full consecutive days (one week full time). Many of our Master Classes are offered in Intesive mode to facilitate students who combine studying with a full-time job.

Extensive (EXT) When a subject is offered in extensive mode the face-to-face lecturing is compiled in 4 or 5 full-days spread out over the semester.

Flexible Delivery (FD) Flexible delivery is developed for students who cannot attend the face-to-face lectures. We offer access to our Learning Management System which offers e-learning facilities such as course materials, lectures via podcasts, CD or DVD. Our online tutors, blogs and discussion forums enable these student to participate in lively discussions and be part of the Alphacrucis community.