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Stay sharp with our short courses. Whether it's for personal or professional development, or to get ahead in your degree, we've got the class that's right for you. And did you know that these short courses are also available for audit at a fraction of the cost?

AC offers a range of short courses, like Intensives that can be taken over a few days, evening or online Masterclasses, overseas Study Tours and Missions Trips, as well as a variety of RPL options. Short courses are a great way to complete a course if you can’t commit to weekly classes, or squeeze an extra subject into your study schedule. 

We understand that people lead busy lives and these are just some of the many flexible study options AC offers on each of our campuses.

Professional Credentials

We find ourselves in complex times, the world has changed very suddenly. You’ve likely been called upon to re-think and re-adapt your organisation or ministry. How you manage others and yourself, is paramount in navigating our new normal. In these short courses, Professor Stephen Fogarty and some of his stellar AC team unpack key leadership strategies and biblical insights required to further develop your leadership skills.

These Professional Credential short courses can be done in your own time and at your own pace. Each course consists of four topics. Each topic takes about 1-2 hours to complete, and consists of viewing a short lecture, reading the supplied article, and answering a multiple-choice quiz. As these short courses are self-paced, you can start and finish any time. Upon completion, a link to obtain your certificate is provided.

Completing this package of four Professional Credentials can also be used as a pathway into accredited study. These Professional Credentials can be used for partial credit towards the LEA535 Organisational Leadership subject in the Graduate Certificate in Leadership (GCL) or Master of Leadership (MLE). Upon completion of the Professional Credentials package, the price paid will be deducted from the tuition fees of LEA535 Organisational Leadership.

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Leaders lead by bringing organisational change. This short self-paced course is available on Open Learning for leaders to understand the need for change, how to implement change, and how to overcome resistance to change.

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Leaders inevitably lead their organisations through crises. This short self-paced course is available on Open Learning for leaders to understand the nature of a crisis for an organization, learn about effective leadership behavior in preparation for a crisis and during a crisis, and to understand how to learn from a crisis.

Masterclasses & Open Events

Catch up on some of our recent Masterclasses and Open Events. These classes are free events that introduce a topic area in about an hour. This can give you an overview of this particular issue or area and invite deeper thoughts and study which can be done through self-directed learning or associated Alphacrucis College courses. Our Masterclasses and open events invite you to engage with us and explore how faith can be applied in different contexts.