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OK... just between you and me... this is my favourite unit EVER!  If you're into composing and you love the idea of being able to completely make or break someone else's visual masterpiece, jump on board!

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  • Currently offered by Alphacrucis: Yes
  • Course code: CUAMCP502
  • Credit points: 60

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Unit Content

Curriculum Objective

Module Description

This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to compose music for screen productions.

Module Application

Screen composers write music to synchronise with film and video sequences. Music is used in a range of ways, for example, to create mood, a sense of location, an historical period or film genre. It is also used to link scenes and complement action sequences, such as car chases.

Because music for film is usually written and recorded very late in the process, screen composers work to extremely tight deadlines. In addition to music compositional skills, they need thorough understanding of the screen production process since they work closely with producers, directors, sound recordists and post-production personnel.