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Subject code Subject name
ACA401 Faith and Purpose
ANL401 Old Testament Hebrew I
ANL402 New Testament Greek I
BIB402 Introduction to Israel's Scriptures (Old Testament)
BIB403 Introduction to the New Testament
BIB404 Old Testament Foundations
BIB405 New Testament Foundations
BIB515 The Spirit in the Old Testament
BIB520 The Pentateuch
BIB521 Wisdom Literature
BIB522 Minor Prophets
BIB523 Historical Books of the Old Testament
BIB531 Psalter
BIB532 Isaiah
BIB533 Esther
BIB549 Biblical Theology
BIB552 The Prison Epistles
BIB553 Johannines
BIB554 The World of the New Testament
BIB557 Mark’s Gospel
BIB558 Building Pauline Churches—The Pastoral Epistles and Thessalonians
BIB561 Luke-Acts
BIB562 Romans and Galatians
BIB563 I & II Corinthians
BIB565 The Book of Revelation
BIB587 Biblical Interpretation
BIB590 New Testament Field Study
BIB592 Old Testament Field Study
BUS547 Entrepreneurship, Business and Mission
BUS561 Financial Stewardship
BUS585 Church and Not-for-Profit Law
BUS587 Special Elective – Integrating Faith and Work
BUS590 Information Systems Management
CCM401 Introduction to Cross Cultural Ministry
CCM402 Biblical Foundations of Mission
CCM501 Cross Cultural Communication
CCM505 Exploring Islam
CCM506 Innovative Practice in Cross Cultural Ministry
CCM508 World Religions
CCM509 Pentecostal Ministry in Spirit World Aware Contexts
CCM510 Cross Cultural Ministry Field Practicum
CCM592 Cross Cultural Ministry Field Study
COM500 Communication Theory
COM502 Organisational Communication
COM503 Interpersonal Communication
HIS402 Church History Foundations
HIS501 Christianity in Australia
HIS502 Early and Medieval Christianity
HIS508 History of Christian Expansion
HIS510 Renewal Movements in Christianity
HIS520 Women in Christian History
LEA401 Authentic Leadership
LEA402 Introduction to Leadership (Arrow)
LEA411 Transformational Leadership
LEA501 Human Resources Management
LEA503 Spirit-led Leadership
LEA511 Creativity and Entrepreneurship
LEA520 Building Teams
LEA530 Strategic Thinking
LEA535 Organisational Leadership
LEA536 Organisational Leadership (Arrow)
LEA550 Governance, Law and Ethics
MIN401 Foundations of Pastoral Ministry
MIN402 Christian Spirituality
MIN501 Pastoral Administration and Management
MIN503 Pentecostal Ministry Foundations
MIN504 Preaching and Public Communication
MIN505 Relationships
MIN506 Healing Ministry
MIN507 Church and Society
MIN508 Church Planting
MIN509 Discipleship
MIN510 Communicating the Christian Faith
MIN520 Youth Ministry
MIN521 Children’s Ministry
MIN530 Women and Christian Ministry
MUS401 Music History
MUS451 Musicology
RES401 Postgraduate Research and Writing
SSC400 Foundations in Social Research, Writing, and Methods
SSC410 Psychology of Emotion and Wellbeing
SSC412 Counselling Practice I
SSC510 Human Lifespan Development
SSC511 Principles of Psychology
SSC512 Grief and Loss
SSC513 Social Identity in Australia
SSC514 Counselling Practice II
SSC516 Mental Health
SSC517 Applied Counselling Theories
SSC518 Working with Trauma
SSC519 Professional Accountability
SSC520 Professional Considerations
SSC531 Solution Focused Therapy and Positive Psychology
SSC532 Narrative Therapy
SSC533 Creative Therapies
SSC534 Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care
SSC536 Cognitive Behavioural Theories and Therapies
SSC537 Working with Addictions
SSC538 Working with Relationships
SSC539 Working with Children and Young People
SSC540 Engaging Families
SSC560 Supervision of People Helpers
THE501 Christology
THE503 Spirit and Church
THE504 Christian Ethics
THE507 Theology and Film
THE508 Trinity and Christian Life
THE511 Ecclesiology
THE512 Apologetics
THE521 Theology of Social Justice

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