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Are You Called to Shape the Leaders of Tomorrow?

From initial teacher training to advanced professional development and leadership opportunities, we offer a comprehensive suite of programs to prepare you for a fulfilling career. Our programs will equip you with the skills you need to inspire, lead, and make a lasting impact on the lives of your students. Join a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to educational excellence rooted in Christian values.


Education from a Christian Worldview

Learn to infuse your teaching with Christian values, guiding students with wisdom and integrity. Our curriculum is crafted to shape educators who inspire and shape future generations through a lens of compassion and faith.

Lifelong Network of Supporters

Immerse yourself in a supportive network of educators, mentors, and peers. At AC, you gain more than knowledge; you join a family dedicated to your success, offering lifelong connections and mentorship in the educational community.

Be Classroom Confident with Unprecedented Practical Experience

Gain over 100 days of in-classroom experience through our direct courses. More if you are accepted into one of our Teaching School Hubs. This firsthand experience ensures you're Classroom-ready on graduation, backed by real-world practice and paid cadetship opportunities.

Save Big on Your Teaching Degree for 2024

Start your teaching journey with huge savings through Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP). Eligible students can slash their Bachelor of Education fees by over 70%! Don't miss out—limited spots available. Find out if you qualify for reduced fees and kickstart your dream career in education.

Education Offer
Susan Westraad
"Do you love young people and get a thrill when you see the lights go on in their hearts and minds? Do you enjoy connecting with youth and helping them achieve their dreams? Are you keen to equip yourself further to grow as a teacher or principal in Independent or Public Schools? AC has courses for aspiring teachers, as well as professionals already working in education."

Susan Westraad

Head of School of Education

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Graduate Story


"Studying with AC has been paradigm shifting. I enjoy learning how my faith fits in with my future career and my life. Having started at AC I feel the call to equip and disciple. Seeing teaching through a biblical lens has really reignited my passion! Securing a CSP in my program has been a game-changer. It’s allowed me to focus on my studies and see how God really does provide us with everything we need for our calling!”

Naomi Cantwell
AC Graduate, Bachelor of Education (Primary)


We offer different models of teaching training to suit aspiring teachers of all profiles:


Perfect for those with other commitments or who live further from our city campus - this combines online coursework with practical in-school experience.


A mix of online study and in-person classes, linked with local schools for real-world training.

Teaching Hubs

Our premium model places you directly in schools from day 1 for immersive learning and mentorship, helping you become fully classroom-confident upon graduation.

Alphacrucis partners with nearly 100 schools across Australia in our unique Teaching School Hubs model. Candidates accepted into these exclusive programs start on Day 1 inside schools as paid cadets. They gain firsthand classroom exposure, are supported by a mentor teacher and learn through bespoke workshops and seminars from senior school leaders.

Explore our diverse training models and find your perfect fit.

Teaching School Hubs




St Philip’s Teaching School Hub


Hunter Christian School (affiliated with St Philip’s Teaching School hub)


Maitland Christian School (affiliated with St Philip’s Teaching School hub)


Teaching School Alliance Sydney Hub


Blue Mountains Grammar School


Inaburra School


St Andrews Cathedral School


The Scots College


William Clarke College


Christian Education Ministries Teaching Training School Hub


Australian Christian Colleges

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Christian Schools Tasmania

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International Opportunities

  • Gain a global education perspective through partnerships with institutions like Dallas Baptist University in the USA and Liverpool Hope University in the UK.
  • Experience diverse cultures and teaching methods with practicums or exchange programs in regions such as Asia, the Pacific, Africa, or the USA.
  • AC Education's global vision offers unparalleled opportunities to broaden your professional and personal horizons.

Career Opportunities

  • Secure employment across a spectrum of educational settings, from faith-based to government and non-government schools, both in Australia and internationally.
  • Current School Teachers, Heads and Principals can further develop their passions and careers through a Master of Education (Leadership) or a PhD.
  • AC supports students from all walks of life, equipping you with the tools to make a positive difference in the world regardless of your background, experience, or age.


Step Into Teaching with AC

Are you interested in pursuing a career in education? Look no further than AC's Bachelor of Education and Master of Teaching programs. Our admission process adheres to the national selection guidelines for initial teacher education (ITE) program, while also offering a personalised touch that celebrates your unique talents and aspirations. We don't just look at academic achievements; we want to see your passion for inspiring others, your ability to communicate effectively, and your desire for continuous growth. In a one-on-one discussion with our Program Director, we'll explore these essential qualities to set you up for success as a teacher. Take the first step into the world of education with AC.

Program Director

*The National Institute for Christian Education (NICE) delivers the Graduate Certificate of Education, Graduate Certificate of Education (Leadership), Master of Education and Master of Education (Leadership) on AC’s behalf. Please visit for more information.


“It is refreshing and encouraging to be able to learn to teach through the Teaching School Alliance, and to be able to have hands-on experience under a mentor teacher in my first year of study. I was so fortunate to have great teachers around me in my schooling and to be helped to develop academically and beyond. I want to be able to help other students grow academically and personally, as a way to thank my own teachers and to honour them, but also to work in a way that serves others, and contributes to God’s bigger picture.”

Joshua Hales
Bachelor of Education (Secondary) Student

“Alphacrucis didn’t just help me learn the practicalities of teaching, they fostered in me a heart to really care for and nurture my students. I recently had a year 9 student come up to me on excursion and ask why was I different to other teachers. When I asked her what she meant by “different”, she said ”Miss, you always give us a second chance.” This moment reminded me that it’s not about what you’re teaching... it’s about who you are to your students, believing in them and supporting them."

Carolin Smolek
Bachelor of Theology & Master of Teaching (Primary) Graduate

"My journey with Alphacrucis University College has been a great learning curve that pushed me to go beyond my limits of self-centred thinking and teaching to inspirational leadership and role modelling in the classroom. I had the privilege of studying alongside world changing lecturers and leaders who were incredibly supportive. I have loved discovering that learning is a way of life and I am committed to instilling that within my students."

Su Pheng Lim
Master of Teaching (Primary) Graduate

*16% higher than the national average. UG Federal Government’s Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching 2018.
^Postgraduate Business and Leadership, 2018 QILT Survey.
**Subjects with required face-to-face delivery, such as Social Science and Education practicals, will meet physical distancing measures and required hygiene practices. Based on the latest Government advice, we are planning for a gradual return to face-to-face teaching for students who can attend campus.