AC History

1948 - 1993

AC has a rich history of ministry training, having taught and trained thousands of Christian leaders in Australia, New Zealand, and throughout the world. The college, then known as Commonwealth Bible College, was established in Melbourne in 1948 to serve as the national training college of the Assemblies of God in Australia. It subsequently moved to Brisbane in 1949 and to Katoomba, NSW, in 1974.

1993 - 2009

In 1993 the college's name was changed to Southern Cross College, and in 1996 it relocated to Chester Hill, Sydney. In 1997 a Korean language program was established, and in 1999 a correspondence program commenced. Since 2000 AC has commenced operating a campus in Auckland, New Zealand, has established a network of campus and delivery points throughout Australia and New Zealand, and has developed a comprehensive online program.

2009 -

In 2009 the college changed its name to Alphacrucis College (AC). Alphacrucis is the brightest star at the foot of the Southern Cross Constellation. Our desire is that AC and its students and alumni shine brightly at the foot of the cross.

AC has since developed a raft of accredited programs from certificate to PhD in ministry, leadership, business, education, and creative arts. AC is a leading Australasian Christian College with a reputation for excellence in training, teaching, and research. Its mission is to equip Christian leaders to change the world.


The Principals of the college since 1948 have been:

Frank Sturgeon

Leonard Palmer

Phillip Duncan

James Wallace

Harold Bartholomew

Chris Harrison

Ralph Read

Aeron Morgan

David Brydges

Jeremy Griffiths

Stephen Fogarty

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