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Our immersive journey of discovery allows you to experience ancient texts in their original languages, explore historical contexts that illuminate the present, and delve deep into theological themes that challenge and enrich your understanding of faith. Our comprehensive approach ensures that you will emerge as a theological leader, equipped to inspire, guide, and transform your community with depth, wisdom, and insight.

Join us on a path of profound exploration and leadership in theology. Let us help you cultivate your theological leadership and become the leader you were meant to be.

Jacqueline Grey
“We provide a strong foundation in the Bible and theology so students have a confidence in their faith. Building on this, we equip students to ask good questions, think creatively and communicate effectively. This is so they can be successful in ministry or in other chosen vocations, integrate their faith and work, but also be life-long learners.”

Jacqueline Grey

Professor in Biblical Studies

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Exploring the Bible's Relevance Today

The Bible has the power to transform our lives. Adam White's video shows us how to understand its message by studying it systematically: Context, Community, and Conviction. By examining an example from 1 Corinthians 11:4, White emphasizes the importance of context, urging us to consider the differences between the first-century world and today.


Biblical Lands Study Tours

Traverse the historical settings of the Bible in Israel, Jordan, Greece, and Turkey. These tours deepen your scriptural understanding by linking the land's geography to biblical narratives.

Versatile Learning Options

With our global online campus and a mix of intensive and blended courses, we adapt to your schedule, ensuring your theological studies are engaging and accessible.

Applied Theology & Expert Guidance

Learn from experienced scholars and ministry leaders to apply theological principles actively. Our focus is on equipping you to make a tangible difference in communities and beyond.

Christian Studies


Our theology courses offer a unique opportunity for students to gain a well-rounded education in Christian Studies. We believe in the importance of striking a balance between theoretical and practical knowledge of theology and biblical studies, so our courses incorporate both. Our curriculum includes a thorough exploration of the Christian tradition as it has developed historically and within various faith traditions.

Additionally, students will dive deeply into the primary texts of the Christian faith, including the Old and New Testaments, examining how these texts have been interpreted throughout history and in contemporary readings. With our well-developed foundation in Christian Studies and our comprehensive approach to theology, students will be well-equipped to take on any challenges that come their way.

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Embrace Your Calling with Theological Studies

Answer the call

Alphacrucis offers theological education that goes beyond just a career. Our courses are designed to help you answer your calling. Whether you aspire to become a pastor, teaching pastor, scholar, or academic, we equip you with the skills to lead and minister with conviction.

Make a Difference Everywhere

Our curriculum provides practical skills and spiritual insight to make a Kingdom impact in every aspect of life. You can integrate your theological education with careers in the marketplace, family, workplace, and broader community engagement.

Lead in any context

Alphacrucis prepares you for a range of leadership positions in and outside the church context. We empower you to navigate both traditional and contemporary ministry landscapes with confidence.

Extend Your Impact

Our courses offer a profound way to deepen your gospel understanding and apply it within your professional and personal life. You can also extend your influence in non-profit and para-church organizations, where you can apply your faith in service to others. Join us today to fulfill your vocational purpose and make a real difference in the world.

In essence, theological education at Alphacrucis is about more than academic achievement; it's about preparing you to make a significant, transformative impact in whatever capacity you serve—within the church, the marketplace, and the global community.


At AC, we offer both Ministry and Theology courses that share a common foundation in Scriptures, Pastoral Ministry, Leadership Principles, and Christian Spirituality. These core units will provide you with a strong understanding of the fundamental principles that underpin Christian ministry.

Once you have completed the core units, you will have the opportunity to specialize in an area that aligns with your interests. If you choose the Ministry courses, you will learn practical skills such as Church Planting, Worship Ministry, and Preaching that are essential for real-world ministry. Alternatively, if you opt for Theology courses, you will delve into the in-depth study of subjects such as Biblical Languages, specific books of the New and Old Testament and topics such as Apologetics.

Our courses are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to become a competent and effective minister or theologian. Whether you are looking to serve in a church or pursue a career in academia, our courses will provide you with the foundation you need to succeed.

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Lecturer Insights

Ps Josh Newington shares how theology is not just an academic pursuit, but rather, it affects all of life.

Josh is the Teaching Pastor at Cornerstone Christian Church, and has taught theology at Alphacrucis since 2016. He has a passion for his community, food, art, wild places, and his family. He has thought and written about the theology of food and farming, and his studies have focused on Church History, Metaphysics and Epistemology (Regent College and the University of Divinity), Modern Literature and Political Science (Griffith University).


"There is such wisdom and insight coming from the experienced teachers. Everything lines up with the gospels and everything comes back to scripture. You are able to put everything you study into practice in your ministry wherever you are, whether you are in the community or in a church environment.”

Master of Theology Graduate

“Studying the Bachelor of Theology at AC has enriched my understanding of God, his kingdom and love for people. The classroom is a place of empowerment and empathy where open communication and thought is welcomed by fellow students and world class lecturers. This wonderful sanctuary has helped me transform my Christian worldview, deepen my understanding of who we are as God's people and renewed my hunger for his influence through us as world changers.”

Bachelor of Theology Graduate

“My time at AC really helped me see and understand the Word through a lens I had never seen before, helped me to become a better communicator practically, but most importantly, it has deepened my love for God personally."

AC Graduate

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