How to Apply

The steps below guide you through how to apply for study at Alphacrucis (AC) University College. Individual support is available for any questions you might have about your application or enrolment.

Our website has information on each course offered. You can explore this at Some courses have specific pre-requisites so be sure to check out the Admissions Requirements or Course of Study Handbook before you apply.

What is a certified document?

A certified (notarized) document is a copy of an original document, such as a birth certificate, academic transcript or proof of identity, that has been authorised (or stamped) as being a true copy of an original.

In order to process any admission applications, our Application Officers will need to receive a certified copy of your identification documents (e.g. passport/birth certificate) and any academic documents (e.g. transcript). If you have completed previous study at AC, you are not required to certify your academic documents.

Who can certify my documents?

There is a wide range of authorised occupations and office holders who may certify a document both within and outside of Australia. These include Accountants, Bank Managers, Barristers, Ministers/Clergymen, Police Officers or School Principals.

To obtain certified copies of your documents, you will need to take both an original and a photocopied version of the document to an appropriate authorised person. They will certify that the photocopy is a true copy of the original. The certification should include a statement such as "This is a true copy of the original document sighted by me" and include the name and address, contact phone number, profession or occupation of the person who certifies the documentation and date signed.

Application Assessment

Your application will be assessed by one of AC’s Application Officers. They will respond to you via email within 2-4 working days, either with a request for more information or a Letter of Offer.

Some courses may require additional entry requirements such as an audition or interview. If required, you will be notified accordingly.

Where necessary, AC verifies the authenticity and Australian equivalence of overseas qualifications through Australian Education International (AEI – NOOSR) within the Department of Education.

Letter of Offer

Successful applicants will be issued a Letter of Offer into your chosen AC course of study. To accept your offer, you will need to login to the Student Gateway and then click 'accept your offer'.

After accepting your offer, you may defer your commencement date. You can defer commencement for up to one year, after which your offer will expire and you will be required to complete a new application for admission.

More information about deferring your offer is available in the Admissions Policy.

Once you have accepted your Letter of Offer, you will be invited to enrol in your specific subjects in the next academic period via the Student Gateway Information on upcoming subject schedules can be found here.

If you have completed previous study an external education provider, you may be eligible for credit. You can search for existing arrangements between Alphacrucis (AC) University College and external education providers here.

Individual support is available for any questions you might have about your enrolment.

Fees and tuition

AC's Future Students team are available to answer any questions you might have about your fees.

Additional assistance

Study Assist
Information for students about government assistance for financing tertiary study.

Australian Department of Human Services
Information for students about ABSTUDY, Austudy, Centrelink and Youth Allowance.

AC Student Support

If you are a prospective students, our Future Students team are here to help find the right course for you!

Once you have accepted your offer of placement at AC, our Student Support team can help you answer any questions you have about your enrolment at the University College.


Once you begin your studies at AC, you will use Moodle as your Learning Management System (LMS) to access all your subject content, the AC Academic Handbook, Study Skills and Textbook Information.

International Students

Nothing beats the experience of being part of our community and participating in our classroom discussions! Alternatively, for students who decide to study from their home country, AC brings education to you by offering many subjects and degrees by distance education allowing you to study from anywhere in the world. 

Further information about International Students, including the application process, international recognition of AC courses of study and FAQ’s, is available on our here.


The QILT website helps you compare official study experience and employment outcomes data from Australian higher education institutions. 

TEQSA National Register

The purpose of the TEQSA National Register is to be the authoritative source of information on the status of registered higher education providers in Australia.

Complaints and Grievances

If you are unsatisfied with the outcome of your application, AC’s Complaint and Grievance Resolution Policy outlines the procedure for resolving a complaint or grievance.