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Empower your calling in ministry with Alphacrucis. Our courses are specially designed to help you become an impactful ministry leader in the church, business or community spheres.

We believe that everyone is created with a unique purpose, and our mission is to help you discover your calling and integrate your faith with your professional path.

Our courses will equip you with the biblical foundation, theological framework, critical thinking and communication skills you need to navigate the complex ministry landscape of today. We'll help you communicate Christ's message powerfully and effectively so that you can inspire and lead others towards greatness.

Dr Rebecca Loundar
"My time studying at AC has enabled me to preach better, pastor more effectively, and has helped to cultivate an even greater love for the word of God. I have learnt that it is important to grow in our development and understanding of the Bible, but it is incredibly valuable to do so with a Pentecostal lens. Our heritage as a movement is crucial to who we are and how we minister to others. As a Pentecostal bible college, AC offers the opportunity to grow in knowledge of the word of God and equip me practically for ministry."

Katrina Yassi

Master of Arts

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Biblical Study Tours

Travel to iconic biblical lands like Israel, Jordan, Greece, and Turkey. Experience firsthand the historical and geographical context of the Bible, enriching your understanding and connection to its stories.

Study Options

Our study options—including online courses, live-streamed lectures, and blended learning—are designed to fit your busy life. Engage with a vibrant online community and enjoy diverse learning experiences tailored to your needs.

Real-World Ministry Training

Our faculty combines academic excellence with real-world ministry experience, offering practical training in church planting, worship ministry, and more. This blend ensures you're ready for effective leadership and communication in any ministry setting.

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A Calling Beyond a Career

A Calling Beyond a Career

Ministry is not just a profession, but a calling that goes beyond traditional job definitions. Alphacrucis equips you to excel in various leadership roles within your church community...

Bivocational Leadership

Recognizing the changing landscape of ministry, our programs are tailored for those who balance their career in the marketplace with their vocation in the church...

Skills for Life

The practical skills acquired through our Ministry courses extend far beyond the church walls. They enhance your capabilities in family life, career advancement, and community engagement...

Expanding Horizons

Opportunities also abound in para-church and non-profit sectors, where you can apply your passion for service to roles in local or international aid, education, and development...


At AC, we offer both Ministry and Theology courses that share a common foundation in Scriptures, Pastoral Ministry, Leadership Principles, and Christian Spirituality. These core units will provide you with a strong understanding of the fundamental principles that underpin Christian ministry.

Once you have completed the core units, you will have the opportunity to specialize in an area that aligns with your interests. If you choose the Ministry courses, you will learn practical skills such as Church Planting, Worship Ministry, and Preaching that are essential for real-world ministry. Alternatively, if you opt for Theology courses, you will delve into the in-depth study of subjects such as Biblical Languages, specific books of the New and Old Testament and topics such as Apologetics.

Our courses are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to become a competent and effective minister or theologian. Whether you are looking to serve in a church or pursue a career in academia, our courses will provide you with the foundation you need to succeed.

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"Studying at AC has provided me with the perfect blend of experience and theory, exposed me to different perspectives and helped me to broaden my worldview."

Bachelor of Ministry Student

"My studies are helping me to see myself in the way that God sees me. Something that I love about the course so far is the relationship that I am growing with God. This course is encouraging me to have a deeper and more intimate relationship with him. I'm excited to see where he takes me. I feel like this course is calling me to areas of leadership that I'm passionate about such as education, business and ministry."

Diploma Student

“My studies at Alphacrucis have made an immediate impact on my life and ministry. The quality courses and teaching have empowered me practically and enriched me personally, leaving me more passionate about God and his plans for my life.”

Bachelor of Ministry Graduate, Horizon Church

*16% higher than the national average. UG Federal Government’s Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching 2018. QILT.edu.au.
^Postgraduate Business and Leadership, 2018 QILT Survey. QILT.edu.au.
**Subjects with required face-to-face delivery, such as Social Science and Education practicals, will meet physical distancing measures and required hygiene practices. Based on the latest Government advice, we are planning for a gradual return to face-to-face teaching for students who can attend campus.