Research Clusters

AC's research clusters reflect existing and emergent research strengths across our various disciplines. Our research clusters foster multidisciplinary collaboration, with a focus on serving the Christian church throughout Australia and addressing pressing societal needs for the sake of the common good. Each research cluster brings together faculty and higher degree research students to produce high-quality research that makes a distinctively Christian contribution to contemporary society. The clusters integrate research expertise from across our schools and disciplines, as well as fostering institutional collaborations.

Pentecostal Studies

AC's Pentecostal Studies Cluster is the largest research community of its kind in the world. Researchers in this cluster seek to understand the theological foundations and contemporary expressions of Pentecostalism in a way that fosters informed theological engagement with social and global issues.

Holistic Human Health

AC's Holistic Human Health research cluster brings together a wealth of interdisciplinary research to contribute to human health, belonging, and well-being. Researchers in this cluster seek to inform public policy and to promote healthier, more inclusive, and more resilient communities.

Ecotheology and Sustainable Development

This research cluster addresses ecological concerns from spiritual perspectives, examining the moral and ethical dimensions of human interaction with the natural world, including the contribution of Indigenous worldview orientations. Researchers in this cluster investigate these global and local issues from a number of disciplinary perspectives and using a wide range of research methodologies.

Interculturality, Interfaith, and Mission

This research cluster involves understanding and navigating the complexities of different cultural, ethnic, and worldview contexts. Developing intercultural competence enables effective and respectful relationships across cultural divides. It involves a commitment to understanding and respecting cultural, ethnic and religious differences while faithfully loving God and neighbours.

Biblical Studies

This research cluster is devoted to the study of biblical texts in their historical, theological, and cultural contexts. Work in this cluster involves a wide range of research areas, from exegesis and hermeneutics to contemporary ethical and theological applications of biblical thought.

Theology and Society

The exploration of the interface between theology and society plays a critical part in fostering an understanding of the moral, spiritual, and intellectual dimensions of modern pluralistic societies. Research in this cluster addresses a wide range of social and cultural topics, and deploys methodologies from several disciplines, including history, literature, ethics, and economics.

Teaching School Hubs (NECSTEP)

Researchers in AC's Teaching School Hubs Cluster undertake longitudinal research to identify the active ingredients in initial teacher education that lead to classroom, school, and sector-ready teachers.

Pastoral Theology and Ministry

Researchers in this cluster address the ever-changing needs of congregations and Christian communities, providing ministry leaders with the insights and tools they need to offer effective spiritual care and leadership. Themes explored in this cluster include church leadership and administration, family dynamics in pastoral life, the role of music and worship in ministry, pastoral care and counselling, and the role of digital media in congregations.