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Since 1948 thousands of graduates from Alphacrucis University College (previously known as Commonwealth Bible College, Southern Cross College and Alphacrucis College) have been making a significant impact upon their world. To be an Alphacrucis Alumnus is to be part of a group of leaders around the world who are transforming nations and neighbourhoods!

We want to officially welcome you to Alphacrucis Alumni Connect, our exclusive AC alumni community. We want to help AC alumni and friends stay in touch or reconnect through our quarterly email newsletters, social media platforms and future events. Alphacrucis Alumni Connect provides opportunities for you to expand your network across the AC community, read Alumni Insight Stories which celebrate the success of past students doing great things in their field, and hear about events happening across the college that might be of interest to you!

You’re a valuable member of our University College so we, in turn, want to provide continuous value back to you. Value in the form of resources which we hope and pray will be a blessing to you. Physical resources such as free access to our libraries, and invitations to future events. Plus, digital resources in the form of webinars and some fantastic offers on short courses should you ever wish to upskill in the future!


We want to celebrate the success of our alumni and hear about the new things you've been doing since studying at AC! Where are you working now and what role have you stepped into? We love these good news stories so get in touch with us anytime!


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As an Alumni you can continue to make use of our extensive library catalogue and library facilities at each campus.

All you have to do is sign up as an alumni member.