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Education Agents can help prospective international students with their application, certify original documents, and assist in applying for a student visa. For a full list of authorised Education Agents associated with Alphacrucis College, click here.

Established in 1948, Alphacrucis College is one of Australia’s truly outstanding Christian tertiary education institutions. Located in the geographical heart of Sydney, Australia, it has played a major role in the academic and spiritual development of thousands of Christian leaders who have shaped - and are shaping - the Church in Australia and throughout the world.

Education Agents Policy and Procedure

Alphacrucis College will only enter into service arrangements / MOU with Education, Migration Agencies or Agents when their service activities have been agreed to and a written agreement is ratified and signed by the Principal or delegated authorised signatory.

Alphacrucis College will take all reasonable measures to use Education Agents that have an appropriate knowledge and understanding of the Australian International Education Industry, the ESOS Act and Regulations 2001.

1 - Purpose and Scope

Alphacrucis College will not use Education Agents who are dishonest or lack integrity. All Education Agents engaged by Alphacrucis College are required to read and be aware of the regulations regarding international students as stipulated in The National Code 2007.

Alphacrucis College is fully aware of and abides by the regulations stipulated in the National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students (The National Code 2007) in its dealing with education agents both on-shore (in Australia) and overseas.

2 - Responsibilities

Marketing Director

3 - Education Agents Procedure

In entering into a service agreement with an Agency, the Marketing Director shall ensure that the Alphacrucis College Education Agency Agreement includes:

  • bi annual review of the activities of the agent or agency
  • quarterly reports of agency activities and client satisfaction data
  • corrective action procedures
  • scheduled student enrolment information updates
  • termination conditions (immediate where failures to meet National Code 2007 or Migration Act 1958 requirements are encountered)

Further to the establishment of the MOU or Contract of Agreement the Marketing Director shall ensure that:

  • Education agents are provided with current and up to date information that relates to Alphacrucis College's training and assessment services on offer to international students.
  • Education or Migration agents operating on its behalf will be required to produce their certifications that relate to their service provision.
  • Education or Migration agents operating on its behalf are screened (current references) to ensure that their service history is without contravention of the rules of the Migration agent’s code of practice or provisions of the Migration Act 1958.
  • Education or Migration agents who are new operators and unable to provide references will be given a six month probationary service agreement in which the Education or Migration agents will be able to represent Alphacrucis College in full capacity. Probationary Agreement may be terminated at any time by both Alphacrucis College and Education or Migration agents.

4 - Agents Fee Structure

Education or Migration agents will ensure that all student fees are paid to Alphacrucis College. Education or Migration agents are to pay the full amount to Alphacrucis College accompanied with an invoice that will be paid within 7-14 working days. The invoice is to reflect the agreed Agent fee as stated on the service agreement.

Agents fee will be based on tuition fee only.

Agents are not to offer students discounted fees from agent fee (this will result in termination of service agreement between Alphacrucis College and Agent).

5 - References and Documentation

ESOS Act and Regulations

The National Code 2007

Education and Training to Overseas Students

PRISMS User Manual

Migration Act 1958

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