Support our Library

The James Wallace Memorial Library adds value to the University College's research and education programs by facilitating learning, discovery and research for our students and faculty. The Library welcomes donations that will enrich our teaching and research endeavours.

Your financial donation will help us provide additional resources aligned with AC's teaching and research areas, benefiting both current and future students. The James Wallace Memorial Library at Alphacrucis University College welcomes your financial donation which may be given here.

Donations for appropriate physical or e-books to the library collection may be accepted provided they comply with our Library Policy acquisition guidelines. All physical donations must be preceded by the submission of the Library Donations Form detailing what is being offered for donation and confirming your authority to donate the items being offered. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to the processes regarding donations in our Library Policy. Non-academic materials are best given to your local charity for them to sell.