Holistic Human Health

Human health and well-being go well beyond the absence of disease. While modern medicine mostly focuses on ‘pathogenesis’ (the origins of disease), a broader focus might be ‘salutogenesis’ (the origins of health). In research, as in life, health and well-being can be a more attractive focus than disease. Moreover, strengths-based approaches emphasise the positives over deficit perspectives and celebrate what we have over what we need. Jesus said: “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” This vision points beyond the absence of disease and embodies a holistic conceptualisation of human health, belonging, and well-being. Conducting research in these areas is crucial for advancing our understanding of the factors that influence quality of life and for developing effective treatments, interventions, and social policies.

In the field of disability, research may enable the creation of tailored assistive technologies and therapies that are more inclusive and improve daily functioning. In counselling and mental health, research may inform evidence-based practices that improve therapeutic outcomes and reduce the prevalence and impact of conditions such as depression and anxiety. Research on recovery from addiction may lead to better rehabilitation programs, relapse prevention strategies, and holistic community support systems. Research in areas of human belonging and social connections may shed light on the role and significance of communities, support networks, and inclusive environments. Overall, research in these areas contributes to human health, belonging, and well-being, thus informing public policies and creating healthier, more inclusive, and more resilient communities.


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  • Sally Arthur
  • Yvon Attia
  • Jennifer Billard
  • Sean Blanche
  • Pamala D'sa
  • Jemma Floyd
  • Aziza Green
  • Esa Hukkinen
  • Hong Suk Lee
  • John Lenga
  • Miranda Menzel
  • Robert Moores
  • Suresh Narlapati
  • Judith Newton
  • Navishkar Ram
  • James Rengger
  • Elizabeth Skinner
  • Bette Smith
  • Mark Webb


  • Dr Kavish Seetahal


Some research in this cluster is supported by a $150,000 grant from Mission Australia, with the aim of developing a model of chaplaincy for disadvantaged communities.


Full scholarships are currently available for doctoral research relating to chaplaincy in Australia. For details, contact Dr Nigel Pegram.


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