Pentecostal Studies

The Pentecostal Studies cluster is the largest research community of its kind anywhere in the world. Although Pentecostalism is one of the fastest-growing religious movements in history, it has been relatively under-researched compared to other Christian communions. At AC, faculty and HDR candidates from across several disciplines utilise a range of methodological approaches to investigate the dynamic and fast-changing landscape of Pentecostal beliefs, practices, institutions, and their socio-cultural impact. Researchers in this cluster explore the place of theological ideas and biblical texts in contemporary Pentecostalism, while also addressing contemporary social issues through a Pentecostal lens. Particular areas of research concentration include the interface between biblical studies and Pentecostal theology, and the complex dynamics of spiritual experience in Pentecostal communities today. Working from a number of disciplinary and methodological approaches, researchers in this cluster seek to understand the theological foundations and contemporary expressions of Pentecostalism in a way that fosters informed theological engagement with social and global issues.


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Borrow, Barbara. History of the Theology of C3 Movement (PhD)

Burns, Lee. A Pentecostal theology of koinonia (PhD)

Chester, Sandra. Catherine Booth-Clibborn’s contribution to Pentecostal history and spirituality: “She speaks with fire and brilliance" (MPhil)

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D'Sa, Pamala. Workplace Gender Equality within CRC Churches International (DMin)

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Floyd, Jemma. Violence Against Women: Gendered Attitudes in the ACC (PhD)

Harrison, Wayne. Conditional Cessationism: A revised doctrine of cessationism for the Reformed Tradition (PhD)

Law, Matthew. What leadership theories are exhibited in the thoughts and practices of ACC pastors and what are the potential implications for the next generation of pastors? (DMin)

Menzel, Miranda. How do Pentecostal Women Explain, Understand and React to Pornography Consumption by Household Partners? (PhD)

Nahavandi, Layla. Pentecostals and Patristics: A theological reflection on Pentecostal ressourcement (PhD)

Newton, Judith. What aspects of inner healing prayer do Australian clients find most helpful to well-being? (DMin)

Oluoshola, Adeboye. An investigation into human experiences and perspectives on signs and wonders: Comparative analyses between Sweden and Nigeria (MPhil)

Onyait, Samuel. Mission as Transformation: An Analysis of the Role of Pentecostal Churches in Engendering Holistic transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa with Reference to Kenya and Uganda from 1980 to 2019 (PhD)

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Cat, Christopher. Unrealised Pentecostal Divine Healing Expectations : A Pastoral Dialogue With The Psychology Of Religion And Coping (PhD)

Furniss, Jennifer. Exploring the Effect of Speaking in Tongues on Desire, Motivation, and Emotion (DMin)

Gurung, Bhupendra. What is the problem? The Restrictions of Female Leadership in Nepalese Pentecostal Churches (MPhil)

Harris, Tania. Towards a Theology of Pentecostal Revelatory Experiences (PhD)

Hepplewhite, Glenda. Empowering female Pentecostal undergraduate students (PhD)

Odion, Omogbai. The Pentecostal Phenomenon: An Examination of Factors Contributing to the Growth, Expansion, and Influence of Pentecostal Churches in Nigeria from 1998 to 2018 (DMin)

Pillay, Jasmine. Integration of Asian Pentecostal migrants into Australian Pentecostal churches (MPhil)

Rhodes, John. Divine healing in Australian Christian Churches: a review of contemporary ministerial practice and perspective (DMin)



  • Segun Adelana
  • Yvon Attia
  • Jennifer Billard
  • Barbara Borrow
  • Lee Burns
  • Sandra Chester
  • Donna Crouch
  • Pamala D'Sa
  • Vicki Delport
  • Yasmin Elsayed
  • Jemma Floyd
  • Wayne Harrison
  • Matthew Law
  • Miranda Menzel
  • Layla Nahavandi
  • Judith Newton
  • Adeboye Oluoshola
  • Samuel Onyait
  • James Rengger
  • Daniela Rizzo
  • Andrew Staggs
  • Susan Tam
  • Leng Toh
  • Ross Winchester


  • Dr Christopher Cat
  • Dr Jennifer Furniss
  • Bhupendra Gurung
  • Dr Tania Harris
  • Dr Glenda Hepplewhite
  • Dr Omogbai Odion
  • Dr Jasmine Pillay
  • Dr John Rhodes


This research cluster contributes to the advancement of the following goals: