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Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of the next generation? The next generation depends on teachers who view it not just as a job – but as a calling. At AC, we know that good teaching is more than technique; it is the outworking of a teacher’s character and integrity. AC equips you with a fully accredited qualification that will prepare you to teach children from a Christian worldview.

Important Admission Info:

Admission to one of our initial teacher education programs, Bachelor of Education (Primary), Master of Teaching (Primary) and Master of Teaching (Secondary), is effectively admission into the profession of teaching. As such we have to apply the new national selection guidelines for initial teacher education (ITE) programs. AC seeks to apply these selection guidelines fairly while recognising the uniqueness and individuality of each applicant. Applicants selected to enter our ITE programs will need to demonstrate the right mix of skills and attributes to make them most likely to succeed in their programs. In addition to having the right academic capabilities, applicants will also need to possess the right personal qualities that are pre-requisites to becoming effective teachers, including strong interpersonal and communication skills, a willingness to learn and the motivation to teach. These qualities are assessed through a pre-admission interview with the Program Director.

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