created for education

Are you created to be a teacher, a principal, a leader?

We believe that the next generation needs the loving example of Christian teachers. The unique and tangible expression of our teacher training is in the encounter between a child seeking Christ and the heart of the Christian teacher. Here at AC, we offer initial teacher training, professional development, and continuing training for educational leadership, along with international and research opportunities.     

Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities

Our Centre for Future Schooling (CFS) is pioneering innovative, research-centred programs, that elevate the quality and mission if the Christian schooling sector. These research programs emphasise staff and student wellbeing, next generation leadership formation, and new schools planting. You can read more about CFS research opportunities and research news at Crucis.

International Opportunities

International Opportunities

Our initial and continuing Teacher Education programs can act as the springboard for your aspirations to see the world – work with our partners in the USA (such as Dallas Baptist University) and the UK (Liverpool Hope University) to continue your education from other perspectives, or take a practicum or exchange program at a school in Asia, the Pacific, Africa or the USA.  AC Education has a global vision.

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

You can gain employment in primary and high schools (faith-based, government and non-government schools), not-for-profit and mission-focused organisations, community service-oriented programs, and positions that require research skills and critical thinking. Additionally, you may progress further in your studies through Masters studies and up to a PhD in education.

professional dev

Professional Development

Launched in 2019, AC provides professional development endorsed by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) for Teachers Maintaining Accreditation at the proficient level. You can undertake these PD days at the AC Sydney Campus or we can provide in-school training. Want to take something new and fresh back to your classroom? Head to our Professional Development Page for more information. 

initial teacher training

Initial teacher training

AC embeds all our primary and high school teacher education students in exceptional, formative school cultures so your heart can be nurtured under inspiring mentors, and so that you can gain classroom experience from the beginning of your study. We call this “The Hub” model and it’s based on applying the internationally renowned and best-practice Clinical Teaching Model (CTM) within a learning ecology called a ‘Teaching School’. The Hub, turns the tables and flips the classroom. You have access to micro-teaching workshops, short and long periods of practice in schools, and opportunities for observation, working with small groups of children and gradually increasing responsibility, until you are classroom ready. Many students enter paid cadetships, and are in the classroom from virtually the first day of their candidature.

admission information

Admission Information

Admission to one of our initial teacher education awards, Bachelor of Education (Primary), Master of Teaching (Primary) and Master of Teaching (Secondary), is effectively admission into the profession of teaching. As such, AC must apply the new national selection guidelines for initial teacher education (ITE) programs. AC applies these selection guidelines fairly while recognising the uniqueness and individuality of each applicant. In addition to demonstrating academic capabilities, applicants will need to possess the right personal qualities, which are pre-requisites to becoming effective teachers, including strong interpersonal and communication skills, a willingness to learn and the motivation to teach. These qualities are assessed through a pre-admission interview with the Program Director. 

Note: The National Institute for Christian Education (NICE) delivers the Graduate Certificate of Education, Graduate Certificate of Education (Leadership), Master of Education and Master of Education (Leadership) on AC’s behalf. Please visit for more information.