Christopher Cat

Christopher Cat

Faculty Support - Faculty of Theology

I am a passionate Pentecostal.  I love the emphases of our movement on Jesus, the Holy Spirit and having an experiential encounter with God that manifests in every aspect of our lives.  Theologically, I've been trained in Pentecostal Bible Colleges.  This training has exposed me to the theological richness that can be found in schools of biblical understandings of our sister churches and movements.  This exposure has inspired me to want to grow and develop Pentecostal understandings in dialogue with these wider schools.  We all have much to learn from each other.   My bottom lines are faithfulness to Jesus and care for those people whom God has entrusted to us.  All theology, for me, must build from and towards these bottom lines.  As such my Master's thesis focused on Image of God and my Doctoral work is looking at Pentecostal pastoral care for those in our movement who are "unhealed."  I fellowship at Life Chruch Parramatta, where I do some lay teaching, most commonly in the connect groups.


DMin - Candidate (Alphacrucis Sydney)
Dissertation Title Pentecostal Pastoral Care to Chronic Sufferers 0

M.A. (Alphacrucis College)
Dissertation Title Image of God and Fall 2015

B.A. (Tabor College, Mirranda)
Dissertation Title Worship as Life 1998

Current Research

Pentecostal Pastoral Care to Those Suffering With Chronic Situations that Cause Suffering.

Research Interests


Biblical Theology


Field of Research

  • 0606 Physiology
  • 1104 Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • 1109 Neurosciences
  • 1116 Medical Physiology
  • 1117 Public Health and Health Services
  • 1199 Other Medical and Health Sciences
  • 1601 Anthropology
  • 1699 Other Studies in Human Society
  • 1701 Psychology
  • 1702 Cognitive Sciences
  • 1799 Other Psychology and Cognitive Sciences
  • 2002 Cultural Studies
  • 2003 Language Studies
  • 2099 Other Language
  • 2202 Communication and Culture
  • 2203 History and Philosophy of Specific Fields
  • 2204 Philosophy
  • 2299 Religion and Religious Studies

Journal Article

  • 2018
    • Cat, C (2018). Book Review - Shane Clifton's Crippled Grace. Journal of Contemporary Ministry, 2018-4 137-138. | AC Link
  • 2017
    • Cat, C (2017). Four Pentecostal Views on Healing. Journal of Contemporary Ministry, 3, 2017 106-118. | Link to journal | AC Link

Research and Professional Grants

  • 2018
    • ANZATS Student Scholarship, $800, ANZATS


Academic Conference

  • 2018
    • The Voices of the Hidden - Justice for the Silenced Suffering (2018), 2018 Conference Alphacrucis Melbourne - Justice, Melbourne, Australia, 07 Sep 2018
    • Theodicy and Pastoral Care (2018), ANZATS Conference 2018 - Sacrifice, Brisbane, Australia, 04 Jul 2018
  • 2017
    • Reviewing Pentecostal Approaches to Healing Ministry in the Light of Jesus' Mission (2017), Sydney College of Ministry - Impact of Jesus Conference, Sydney, Australia, 28 Sep 2017
    • Reviewing our Approach to Healing Ministry (2017), Harvest 2017 Research Conference - The Holy Spirit in a Post-Mission World, Melbourne, Victoria, 24 Aug 2017
  • 2016
    • Can Theology Be Practical - Pastoral Care in Dialogue with Social Sciences (2016), Harvest 2016 Research Conference - Can Theology Be Practical, Melbourne, Australia, 25 Aug 2016
  • 2015
    • How Can the Book of Lamentations inform Pastoral Care Towards Those Who are Suffering (2015), Harvest 2015 Research Conference - Church and Ministry: A Contemporary Voice, Melbourne, Australia, 27 Aug 2015

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