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Alphacrucis University College is committed to active research in the core disciplines of Theology, Business, and Arts, Education and Social Science. Within these, our faculty members and research candidates engage with a variety of fields such as Old and New Testament Studies, Spirituality, Theology, Leadership, Business, Economics, Music, Pastoral Ministry, Accounting, Education, Counselling, History, and Communication.

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Welcome from our Director of Research

As the Director of Research, I am thrilled to extend a warm welcome to you and invite you to discover the incredible research opportunities available within our institution. Our Research School is dedicated to fostering a culture of excellence, innovation, and collaboration, and we believe that every student has the potential to make a positive impact through their research.

Our experienced faculty and staff are passionate about research and are committed to supporting students in achieving their academic and research goals. We offer a diverse range of research programs across a variety of fields, including theology, ministry, business, leadership, education, and more. Our programs provide students with a challenging and rewarding academic experience, as well as opportunities to gain practical skills and real-world experience.

I invite you to explore the exciting research opportunities available at Alphacrucis University College's Research School. Join us as we work together to create new knowledge, transform lives, and make a difference in our communities and the world.

Dr. Ben Myers