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Study Applied Social Science with AC.

Are you created to be a Counsellor, a Chaplain or a Community Worker? 

Chaplaincy and Counselling are an integral part of your community, providing care and support to those in need. Our Applied Social Science awards offer you a range of practical focus areas including Counselling, Youth Work, Chaplaincy, Case Management, Pastoral Care or Social Welfare. We have a range of training options, allowing you to tailor your learning to your calling. At AC, we believe anyone can be a leader. We equip you to encourage and empower people to impact the world.

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What sets AC social science students apart? 
With an emphasis on skill development and prac placement, you gain first-hand experience in learning to work professionally to help others. Our trainers are actively involved in their fields, meaning you gain both practical skills and the latest evidence-based theory for a well-rounded education.

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What is the Bachelor of Applied Social Science?
The Bachelor of Applied Social Science trains you to help others in a professional and ethical way. Social Science is a very practical field and our course is based on giving you the skills and practical experience required to work effectively in a range of applied social science contexts. 
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Where can Applied Social Science take you?
You’ll have the interpersonal skills and knowledge to work across a variety of client settings, such as schools, hospitals, prisons, sports chaplaincy, social, case or youth work, counselling and other support services, helping people be the best they can be.

Chaplaincy Courses Information

Visit our dedicated Chaplaincy Website for the latest details on our Chaplaincy courses.

Community Services Information

Want to make a difference in your community? The Diploma of Community Services is a unique program designed to equip people to think and act differently regarding community transformation.

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“I was studying the same degree at another university when the lecturer said that our worldview affects everything we do, especially in this job. At that moment, I realised I needed to find a new place to learn that aligns with my worldview. After asking around, I found Alphacrucis and I have never looked back."

Abigail Comafay,
Bachelor of Applied Social Science Student

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“I love getting to equip the next generation of people wanting to work within their community in social science related work. I am grateful for the opportunity to come alongside students as they work out how to integrate their faith with their personal and professional development and vocation.”

Rebecca Loundar,
Program Director

Our Social Science Course are accredited by two Australian Professional Bodies