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The ADB is a nested award within the Bachelor of Business. As a unique higher education award, the ADB is designed to provide graduates with a broad theoretical knowledge of business studies, along with practical organisational experience. The course aims to develop graduates who will be able to minister effectively in Christian and community settings and respond intelligibly to a wide variety of modern challenges and issues in business.

The ADB seeks to link academic reflection in Christian studies in meaningful ways to training needs which stem from increasing contemporary challenges that business communities are facing. Graduates may find employment in church, not-for-profit, commercial or government organisations.

The structure of the ADB is designed to provide you with foundational business theory and skills. For specific information about subjects in each of these major specialisations, please see the ADB award description page.

Our ADB faculty are well qualified and experienced professionals. Each bring a wealth of knowledge and practical insight in their specialised field, and collectively we are committed to providing you the skills, acumen and ethical framework for a successful business career.

Associate Professor Philip Lee
Program Director, Associate Degree in Business


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