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Daryl Potts Welcome to the Associate Degree in Ministry award (Assoc Deg Min), a a nested course in the Bachelor of Ministry designed to prepare you for Christian ministry in today’s world.

The Assoc Deg Min will provide you with a thorough foundation in theology and biblical studies, shaping a Christian worldview that will directly connect to your vocation – and in addition you will find opportunities to gain the practical expertise required for ministry. You will develop creative thinking skills, so that you can provide innovative and flexible solutions to social and cultural questions. You will also become effective communicators and leaders who uphold and exhibit integrity and justice.

The Assoc Deg Min program is designed to allow you to choose the subject areas that are most suitable to prepare you for your unique calling in ministry. For specific information about the choice of subjects, please see the Award description.

Dr Daryl Potts
Program Director, Associate Degree in Ministry



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