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Welcome to the Master of Arts at AC, where we believe in inspired learning for influential living.

The Masters of Arts (MA) is designed for those who want a humanities education orientated around faith and practice. Beginning with two core units, students in the MA have an opportunity to then specialise in either Chaplaincy, Christian Studies, Counselling, or an area specialisation. In addition to this, students have a selection of electives that range from Ancient Languages to Marketing, to add to their learning experience.

The course draws on the college’s established areas of expertise while expanding the offerings to general subject areas that are of interest to the students, such as history and communication. The purpose of this Masters coursework program is to provide an advanced body of knowledge and professional application for graduates in a variety of contexts in these key areas of specialisation.

The Master of Arts is designed to produce graduates who have an in-depth understanding of Christian worldview and its integration with vocation and community. In addition to developing skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication skills, the graduates will be equipped with advanced knowledge of theory in their area of specialisation and the application of theoretical concepts in practical settings. It also prepares students for further study by inclusion within the structured program of some independent research.

A key feature of the MA is the requirement to complete the Independent Guided Research unit (or Research Project) that provides the opportunity for students to synthesise what they have learned by engaging a particular issue in their area of specialisation. 

I invite you to begin your journey into thinking the faith.

Dr U-Wen Low
Program Director, Master of Arts


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Flexible Online Campus

At Alphacrucis, our global online campus is a popular option for most of our students. However, we have also realised that with the juggling of family, work and ministry alongside study, added flexibility is always welcome.

Addressing this need, AC offers a form of online study with our online Diploma of Music Industry students – the flexible online campus.

What does this mean? Well, at present, if students want to complete a module via our global online campus, they can only begin in late January or late July.

Our flexible online format will allow you to choose the month when you want to begin your chosen Diploma of Music Industry unit, in line with the calendar shown below, allowing you to tailor the schedule of your learning program to your life.

If you're interested in finding out more about the flexible online campus, please don't hesitate to have a look at our FAQ page, which addresses common questions students might have.

Otherwise, please feel free to contact the course coordinator Rev. Dr. Daniel Thornton for more information.

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