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Alphacrucis College offers three Higher Degree Research awards: Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Ministry, and Master of Philosophy. These postgraduate research endeavours provide an opportunity for deeper engagement within your area of interest, to develop your research capabilities, and equip you with highly desired workplace skills such as writing and critical reasoning.


Ready to take the next step? Click below to find out what the next steps are. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us at hdr@ac.edu.au

The first step in your Higher Degree Research journey with Alphacrucis College is to complete an Expression of Interest form.

Working with your supervision team is an essential part of higher degree research and we encourage you contact potential principal supervisors at AC. A list of AC Faculty can be found here.

All applicants are interviewed to ascertain the suitability of study with AC. This is also an important step in selecting a suitable research topic and to discuss potential supervisors.  

An interview typically takes twenty to thirty minutes and is conducted face-to-face, online, or over the phone.

After the interview the next step is the formal application process. There are two forms to complete. First, the online AC Application form. Second, is the HDR Application Form - SAMPLE.

In the HDR Application Form you are required to nominate two academic referees whom we will contact for a confidential report on your academic aptitude and suitability for HDR study. It is important to nominate people who can comment on this for you. Furthermore after completing this form it is sent to your proposed Principal Supervisor, so make sure you have discussed this with them in advance.

Please refer to course description for academic entry requirements: Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Ministry and Master of Philosophy.

The Cost of Study

AC offers scholarships and fee subsidy for eligible candidates. Applications for scholarships and fee subsidies must be lodged by 31 October using the HDR Scholarship and Fee Subsidy Application Form - SAMPLE.

For more information please see our Scholarship for Tuition Policy

Complete Fee Schedules and FEE-HELP information (where appropriate) for all Alphacrucis courses can be found in our Documents section, under the Fees and FEE-HELP Information page.