Master of Theology

intellectual, influential, transformational

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With an exciting vision to train professionally competent scholars, leaders and managers in a wide range of careers, the Alphacrucis College MTh provides a unique opportunity to engage in cutting edge research and critical exploration of contemporary issues. Developing specialised skills in fields such as Theology, Biblical Studies and Christian History, students will be trained to communicate complex ideas and propose solutions to a wide audience, as well as design and implement an advanced research thesis. Students also have a selection of electives, which range from Ancient Languages to Marketing, to add to their learning experience.

Graduates of the MTh will have advanced knowledge of theological studies, including recent developments and approaches in the area of their discipline specialisation. The MTh also provides a pathway into doctorate level studies.

With internationally acclaimed lecturers who bring not only academic expertise but practical experience into the classroom, the Alphacrucis College MTh will provide an educational experience of holistic formation which prepares students to change the world.

Dr Caroline Batchelder
Program Director


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