AC Council

The University College Council is the governing authority of Alphacrucis University College, in accordance with the Constitution of Alphacrucis University College Ltd.

The Council is responsible for the overall superintendence of the University College. It discharges that role by deliberating on strategies and policies to achieve the University College’s objects and by ensuring that the University College has in place appropriate and effective governance processes.

Responsibilities and Terms of Reference of Council

The terms of reference of the Alphacrucis University College Council are stated in the Constitution of Alphacrucis University College Ltd. The duties of Council members are listed on page 18 of the Constitution.

Current Members of AC Council

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Council Committees

Refer to the Council Standing Committees Terms of Reference Policy

Academic Board

The Academic Board is Alphacrucis University College's principal body for governing all matters related to academic quality and delivery. While the Chair of the Academic Board is an ex officio member of the College Council, the Academic Board is an independent body. The membership and operations of the Board are outlined in the Academic Board Terms of Reference Policy.


  • Rev Assoc Prof David Perry, Chair of Academic Board and Vice President Academic
  • Rev Assoc Prof Daniel Thornton, Deputy Chair of Academic Board, Head of School - Pathways, Arts & Business
  • Professor Stephen Fogarty, President
  • Professor Lily Arasaratnam-Smith, Deputy Vice President Faculty
  • Assoc Prof Ben Myers, Director, Graduate Research School
  • Dr Glenda Hepplewhite, Director of Quality Assurance
  • Rev Prof Jacqueline Grey, Professor of Biblical Studies
  • Prof Paul Oslington, Professor of Economics and Theology
  • Assoc Prof Johannes Luetz, Director of Research Development
  • Assoc Prof Alistair Symons, Director of Learning & Standards
  • Ms Ella Mendham Director of Student Support
  • Ms Clare Doughty, Director of Student Administration
  • Mr Jonothon Lethbridge, Student Representative
  • Assoc Prof Mulyadi Robin, Australian Institute of Business, Associate Dean - Learning and Teaching, External Member
  • Dr Aaron Chalmers, Tabor College, Dean of Ministry Practice, Chief Academic Officer , External Member


The President administers the University College through the Executive which is the management committee of the University College and which oversees the running of the University College under the governing authority of the Council. The Executive is responsible to the Council and exists in order to implement Council policy and to manage the day to day functions of the University College along the lines established by the policies and Strategic Plan of the University College.

Executive Terms of Reference Policy


Advisory Councils



John Beckett – SEED Australia

Professor Ann Brewer – University of Newcastle, Sydney Campus

Dr Greg Clarke – Bible Society Australia

Dr Tony Golsby-Smith – Second Road Consulting

Dr Kim Hawtrey – BIS Shrapnel

Peter Kaldor – City Bible Forum

Claire Madden – Hello Clarity

Peter Murphy – Christian Super

Professor Marcus O’Connor – University of Sydney Business School

Clive Rodger – Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, Canberra

Trevor Thomas – Ethinvest

Wendy Simpson  – Wengeo Pty Ltd

Peter Stone – Arrow Leadership

Susan King – Manager Research and Advocacy,  Anglicare

Kara Martin – Anglican Deaconess Ministries and SEED

Professor David Gallagher – MGSM Sydney


Dr Lindsay McMillan – Reventure

Professor Ian Harper – Deloitte Access Economics

Mathew Maury – TEAR Australia

Stephen Meredith – ACS Financial Services

Dr Mulyadi Robin – Monash University


Professor Ann Brewer – University of Newcastle, Sydney Campus.

John Collier – Countplus Limited

Bill Rusin – Covenant Christian School, Sydney

Dr Geoff Beech – National Institute for Christian Education

Di McRae – Miracle Education

Bruce Nevill – Penrith Christian School

Helen Blanch – Toongabbie Christian School

Alphacrucis University College Statement of Financial Standing

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Alphacrucis University College Policies

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